A Whimsical Reality

March 22, 2017
By , Austin, TX

 Bleary images focus into sight, transforming whimsical shapes into reality. The descent of the airplane corresponded with the ascent into our euphoric paradise- Abaco, Bahamas. Eighteen missionaries, under one God, embarked upon a journey into a dream land to spread the glory of the Kingdom. Frolicking rays of light leap from the sky, delivering a surreal entrance into our temporary abode for the coming week. A dreamy Sunday invited a time of ecstatic worship, lines with decorations of songs and praise. Dreams seem to perpetually possess an unpredictable nature, not ever inadequate, always exceeding expectations- and that tranquil Sunday did exactly this. The alluring smell of hot dogs and ocean sea salt interlocked with the splashing, majestic waves of the waters to fabricate an irresistible beach day, accompanied by one hundred and eight Bahamian and Haitian children after church. Melodious laughter perfumed the air, while children of all ages interacted, creating an extraordinary day. Our wonderful dream loitered, and brought a Monday filled with manual community labor- where even painting and lifting ushered in overwhelming joy. Tuesday arrived, bringing a blessed day. The doors of Treasure Cay Primary School shone with hope upon entry, as I wandered into the Lord’s utopian plan with the greatest people by my side. Though it may sound ordinary for some, a day in a stereotypical elementary classroom blessed my soul, revealing a future that promised educational opportunities instructing children. Each night passed as quickly as the day, brimming with games, conversations, growth, and happiness. Wednesday arrived to bring a marvelous morning in which we ventured into the mythical seas of sapphire and turquoise blue, to experience the tangible beauties of the Bahamas through its crystal clear waters and magnificent creatures. The next day exposed more of the intangible beauty found in the communities and smiles of the children in Abaco through an all-day vacation bible school, where we played with grade-school students, and ministered to them through light-hearted songs and games. A final island night brought a festive dinner and a late night excursion to the beaches. The best of weeks was drawing to a close, and the sweetest of dreams was evaporating before our eyes. Our mission team prepared to depart from our paradise. As I boarded the island hopper plane, I blinked my eyes profusely, expecting to be awoken from the greatest of memories. Yet, I remained soaring back towards and America. No pinch nor sleep could wake me up from my fantastical, whimsical dream; because the Bahamas mission, the most extravagant, renewing, life-changing week, was a reality.

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