March 20, 2017
By , Austin, TX

Whether or not this science is a true one, it cannot be denied that astrology is very historically significant. It has helped to develop astronomy and math when people were observing the planets and calculating their movements. For example, astrologer/astronomer Johannes Kepler made a living by reading horoscopes for the upper class, and in doing so discovered the three laws of planetary motion. Although it has been looked at skeptically by many, astrology has played an important role in history.

The word “astrology”  is a Greek word that means something like the star knowledges. it is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt and up until the 7th century was commonly known to be a legitimate science; although it started to lose credibility when people started to realize that the earth was not the center of the universe.  It revolves around the ability to explain certain personalities based on the movement of the planets.
Despite the fact that many people believe in and even base their whole lives off this phenomenon, it is, admittedly, a pseudo science. This means that there is no existing evidence to support it, but you could definitely argue that the only reason there is to believe in it is for an explanation of the unknown. But the same could be said of any religion meaning  astrology is a legitimate belief, although it is definitely not a religion
This could also be seen as a good thing because believing in a higher power has been shown to significantly improve mental health treatment, so whether or not you are religious or spiritual or none of the above, believing in something might make your life a happier one.  Astrology can also be a helpful tool in understanding yourself and those around you, and can also aid in decision making, thought process, and even to just lead a happy life in general. Studies have shown that people who follow some kind of religion or spirituality lead happier lives in general.


Honestly I am not the most informed person there is on this subject, but I have been doing research and even looked up how to read my natal chart.

Going back to the cons, however, it is true that the connection between the stars and personality traits has never been proven. It might seem crazy that something so far away could affect small details like that on earth, but then again if the stars were so insignificant to us then why has this science been studied so much over time? This is an old argument that could be had over and over again with no real definite answer. The only answer I can give is that as long as we cannot prove that does exist, we also cannot prove that it doesn't, so believe it if you want otherwise reading this was a waste of time lmao.

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