10 Life Benefits All Introverts Have Experienced

March 14, 2017
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If you enjoy the comfort of your own thoughts, the invigoration brought on by a good book, and the development of worldly knowledge, I probably don’t have to inform you that you’re an introvert. What many of such philosophical and bookworm types aren't aware of, however, is the immense power that lies within their reserved nature. In a society that rarely pauses for contemplation, many introverts fail to see the benefit of their uniqueness. You may have days where you doubt the true value of your temperament, so here are 10 advantages to introversion to keep in mind when you find yourself drowning in a ceaselessly chatty world:

1. You get to hear all the gossip
As a background dweller, you possess the unique ability to blend into your surroundings, causing those around you to delve into the juiciest of conversations without ever noticing your presence. A sly smile may escape your face as you hear the words “don’t worry, no one is listening.”

2. You aren't expected to be social
Perhaps you had a restless night, or suffer from the flu, or just buried you dog. Luckily for you, no one will be alarmed by your silence, and you can safely avoid the exhaustion of dancing around antagonizing questions.

3. People listen when you have something to say
Those around you are so used to your silence, that they will be both perplexed and attentive when you speak your mind. This is a concept extroverts can’t seem to grasp, making your opinions more highly regarded.

4. You can keep a secret
Without a perpetual drive to run your mouth, you find it easy to withhold top secret information. This makes you more trustworthy and respected by those around you.

5. People come to you for advice
For some peculiar reason, your quiet nature makes those around you more likely to find solace in your words. Although it is occasionally tiresome to provide answers to others’ life questions, you are complimented by the trust others bestow upon you.

6. You’re always thinking
In the absence of trivial conversation, you are granted the opportunity to contemplate the world around you. This ability makes you not only more knowledgeable, but also allows you to see life in ways that others could not fathom.

7. Others are excited to see you at social events
You’re more likely to choose a good book over a loud party, and your tendency to do so causes others to be delighted when you pull away from your comfort zone. You may not be the life of the party, but your presence is nevertheless appreciated.

8. You’re an excellent listener
Your reserved nature makes you less likely to share personal information, but that doesn't mean you aren't a great communicator. You’re genuine in every conversation, listening and engaging in a way that only a true introvert can.

9. Compassion and empathy are your strong suits
With an abundance of time spend in your own head, you have most likely contemplated the human race a few times. Your developed perspective allows you to acknowledge and comprehend the plight of others without bias.

10. You develop strong relationships
Often to your surprise, the combination of all of your strong suits makes you a wonderfully apt friend. Although introverts generally do not think of themselves as a “people person”, they fail to realize that with their intuition, sincerity, and compassion, they possess more capability for developing long lasting relationships than any extrovert ever could.

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