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March 2, 2017
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Everywhere you go people are always either staring at their phones or looking at their computers, everywhere except Isle Royale. People have became so dependent on technology that it doesn’t allow them to go without it. Up there on Isle Royale they recommend that you just use your phone for pictures, which doesn’t even do the beauty justice. Why would you want to drive all that way, at least for the people that live in the lower part of michigan, just to be on your phones and technology and not be out and taking in the true beauty of the natural island. Beside the fact of not being able to use it, there won’t be any service to talk to anyone so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Here are some activities to do while you are you are on your technology free visit to one of the most remote National Parks.

Isle Royale is the only National Park that is located on the most Northern part of Michigan territory. It is only accessible from boat or plane. It is located 53 miles North of Copper Harbor and only 15 miles from Canadian and Minnesota shoreline. Along with this, 99% of Isle Royale National Park is a wilderness recreation areas, meaning that they are undeveloped and all natural for the animals to make this place there home.

There are plenty of things to do while visiting this place without using technology. These things would include hiking over 165 miles of trails not including the trails unmarked and made by other hikers, fishing charters in the Rock harbor and around the Point of Scoville, you can also go their nature Walks every morning at 8:00. The nature walks include a walk through one of there more maintained trails providing a more safe adventure for the people and while you are on the hike they talk about the wildlife on the island and the point of Scoville. Also you can go on a morning nature walk guided by one of the park rangers every morning around 8:00. On a nature walk you will learn all about the wild plants and animals living on this Island while hiking along one of many scenic trails.

Along with many of these many wonderful things you can do here you won’t have to worry about your kids being attached to their technology because the last place you can get cellular service is in Houghton, MI. Which is around 150 miles from Isle Royale so they won’t have any type of cellphone service. When I went there this summer and put my phone down for a week it was the most peaceful thing that I had done in a long time.


Getting away from society and not having to deal with all of the problems from a daily life and just being able to sit back and relax with the true darkness of the outside at night and the natural sound of the wind in the morning without any cars or cellphones to distract you from the natural beauty. I feel like everybody should try and put their phones down on the weekends or when you get home from work and go outside and realise what you actually have around you, because you might not realize what you actually have until you put down something and get out and actually see it for yourself.

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