Art and Culture of India

February 19, 2017
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Art and culture could be something that is discussed every now and then everywhere in this world. The language of art is a very strange one as it doesn’t have any particular script and dialect. It’s a language that can be understood by anyone. Our origin from the apes to the bygone era rulers were deduced from the various forms of art

When we say art is rooted within our culture it is so very true. The various art forms that are presently seen in the world are a part of the varied cultures. Every part of the world has an art form that is specific to that region. This is mainly because of the geographical and topographical features of that place. Not all art forms can be related to culture as some of them are a mixture of two or more art forms.

Our country India is bestowed with a lot of cultures .It can be attributed to the diversity of our country. Our culture depicts our living. The various religions, languages, food, clothing and traditions of our country are a symbol of unity amidst diversity. It is said that we have inherited all these from our ancestors who have been people from around the world.

Religion forms a very important part of the art and culture .The people of our country follow various religions. Every person follows their religion with great belief at the same time giving a lot of respect to the other religions as well. Language is another important aspect of art and culture. Language helps to define our culture more specifically.  Language is a part of the region that we live. There are 22 languages that are recognised as the official languages in our country.  Apart from these there are several other languages that are spoken and a survey has estimated that there are around 120 languages that are actively spoken in India. Cultures of various countries are exchanged by the medium of language. In our country the clothing of people depend on the region where they live. Saris, Chudidars are some of the most common clothing preferred by women where as it’s the Lungi, Dhoti for men. The clothing style also depends on the religion followed. The ornaments worn by the people also vary depending on their way of dressing. This is an indication of the culture and traditions followed. The wide variety of food that our people eat is a strong indication of the culture they follow. The various festivals that are celebrated in our country is a way how we depict our art and culture.There are 29 states of our country and each state has its own culture and tradition. It is said that there are 64 art forms of our country which include the various forms of Dance and music. Even cooking is said to be an art form.

It’s so amazing to know that our country has so much culture and traditions. All the different culture and art forms are exchanged extensively in our country and this is the main reason for the survival of such a wide variety of cultures and traditions. These varied art forms, culture and traditions are a symbol of our Unity in Diversity.


I feel very proud to be an Indian.

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