Sacramento, My Home

February 10, 2017
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My Sacramento is the city of trees. Where park systems are gorgeous, clean, freshly cut where you can smell the grass, and kids running and happily playing. The American and Sacramento rivers are two big rivers that run through sac both are big, beautiful, and meet at Discovery Park. The American River has a bike trail where you would see people biking, jogging, walking or even running. There are 4 intersecting freeways I-5, Cap. city 80, business 80, and 99 which can take you almost anywhere. Downtown Sacramento is a beautiful place full of history, in Downtown, there is a small replica of Sacramento back in its pioneer days which is now known as Old Sacramento. Downtown has a variety of places to go, see, drink and eat, such as the Tower Bridge, California State Capitol Museum, Crocker Art Museum and many beautiful parks. The capitol is surrounded by beautiful rose gardens which are well maintained the Capitol Park also have these eye catching gardens. In this park there is a huge diversity in trees which means there are trees from everywhere. The Capitol Park includes a Civil War Memorial for the most famous battlefields, a California Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a California Veterans Memorial.

How about we cut the lies here. I’m from Sac. Where not all parks are clean or well maintained, most parks become a blur with all of the litter disposed, the bike trail where the American River is very popular for those who are unfortunate  as in those who are homeless, due to our poverty, our homeless population numbers are increasing. Here in Sacramento, there’s no safety caused by gang affiliations where R.I.P is in everyone's vocabulary. As bullets fly, bodies drop where kids don’t go anywhere without a gun or knife kids are out here dying, police are lying. Where teens are 15 doing life in a cell,where some people think that there are more bad guys to kill than good guys to save. Here in Sac. There are young kids smoking tree and drinking having the thought of shooting or to get shot. It’s sad to see mothers burying, visiting jails, going to court trials, worrying whether her son or daughter is going to come home or if they’ll ever see them again.

Hearing the news of all these teens dying is in the back of my head and then I think could that have been me? Asking myself a dozen of questions. It’s incredible how many teens are in drugs, locked up, missing ran away or 6 feet down. People trashing our city like if is all going to disappear. People rather say R.I.P and free my homie than to tell their homie to stop or to take a different path. Some people want to make a U turn get escape their left turn to go right, since they’re known as the tough hard big guy are scared for their life knowing that it isn’t easy to get out because they know how ugly it will get for them it isn’t easy to get out but if you have the courage to get out you can turn the wheel and make a change and be willing to take a risk.

Sacramento is a good place to come for a distraction and fun but stay by your own will and expect the unexpected or a turn in your life. Be the change you want to see.

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BryanMeridaR said...
Mar. 1 at 4:47 pm
love how well you described the scenes, really visualized everything, great job!
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