My Journey to America

February 6, 2017
By öykü BRONZE, Ankara, Other
öykü BRONZE, Ankara, Other
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I want to write about my jouney to America. As we all know America is a beautiful and a developed country. If we compare Turkey and America there are lots of differences between the two country. Some differences between these two countries are education, economy,culture,historic and touristic places… These are just the few of the differences. However , I want to give information about these differences. These four differences have lots of causes inside of them.

In the first place , I want to start with some explanations about htese differences. As we all know economy is very important for a country. It effects everything. If your economy is bad then your social communication will be bad also. These two effects each other. If you want your economy to be good well having lots of money is not enough. You need to know how to use or share that money to make your economy better. You can learn how to use or share your money with social communication. The country needs to give importance to the citizens social life for economy. In Turkey, our economy is not very good but If we look at America they are in the top five as always. Everyhting moves different in America. For example the education system is also different in America. Teachers give you presen tor something you want in return for your homework. So they motivate you and you start to study or search for academic information. They want us to be social so they give importance to speaking exercises. Some lessons are made outside and that also motivates the students. There are lots of various activities that you can join. Exams are important but the education system of America wants the student to learn how to express her or himself an attend an activity by being confident. This is very important for me because it helps the students in their future too. If you learn to be confident then you can express yourself and it will help you to find a job too. If I compare the education system in Turkey with the education system in America, the education sytem of Turkey gives more importance to exams and this makes the students more stressfull so this effects our pshycology. The student is successful and the student knows everything but when there is too much stress than all the thing you know goes to the trash bin.


Why is America at the top five in economy,education and more? First, we need to find an answer to this question. The other difference is culture. If there is something that makes a country a country that is culture and language. Our culture moves on with our language. For me our culture is the best becauseour culture has very various things.  Out traditional foods, our traditional songs,our traditional holidays,our arts everything is very different and intresting in our culture. I also lived in America for one year but the culture of America is similar to the European countries like England, France,Germany. They all have different cultures but they all are similar to each other. We have lots of traditional foods but when I was in America we were always eating fast food. Their traditional music is also similar with the European countries. Pop, Electronic music, Jazz. These are the popular types. In Turkey the thing that makes me sad is yes we have lots of traditional songs but actually we do not know more than our traditional songs. If I ask ten people that do they listen Jazz maybe one person will say ye sor maybe that person will not say yes. It is not a popular music type in our country. The other thing that I am going to write about is America has different holidays and important days too. Thanks giving was one of my favourite days. You eat turkey in thanks giving an it is very delicious the only bad part about this day is you can take weight. There is Easter,Halloween , Christmas  and these are just the ones that are most known. Halloween is very nice because it is very fun to wear a costume and act like you are somebody different. You can also eat lots of candy in Halloween it is my favourite part. Now I am going to write about the places that you should visit when you go to America. In Turkey there are lots of touristic places as we all know but our touristic places are mostly historic places. If you want to have fun than for me America is a better place to travel but if you are having fun by travelling historic sites than Turkey would be a better decision for you. If you go to America you must go to Disneyland. There are rollercoasters , musical shows and more and more. It is like heaven. I remember when the time we waitedfor long lines just because of taking photos with the disney characters. These were nice experiences.


I remember they were selling big turkey legs and various types of ice cream with disney characters on them. The firework shows at night were amazing. The other place you should go is Spring. It is like a lake and people come to swim there. It is not so deep and the difference of Spring is the water is so cold. It is not like when you swim in the sea in winter, Spring is colder but people like to swim there because they are adaptated to cold water. When I first went to spring I could not swim becuse the water was freezing but at my second time I was adaptated also. It is fun to go there with your friends and family to gossip inside the cold water. The other place you should visit is Grand Canyon. There is an activity which is named skywalk and they did not take us becuse of our age but mum and dad tried it and they said that you stood up on a glass an you can see the scary,deep canyon under your feets , you feel like you are falling but they said that it was very fun. So If I go to America again I will definately try it.


We also visited Las Vegas too. It is not a city for kids or teens but mum and dad had fun there. We were living in Florida and there were gater nightsin Florida. Every friday nights we were going to the cinema an we were watching a new film every week. After the cinema we were going to the cafe near by and there were lots of activities in that cafe such as karaoke nights, games, talent shows and more. America was a very fun place and I am very lucky because I had the chance to live my one year in a foreign country. I started singing in America, I was in the school theatre and the most imprtant thing is that I learn how to express myself. I had lots of foreign friends from not only America from Mexico,Russia,Japan,China and more. It was a very nice experience for me. I sometimes really miss America a lot and I want to visit America again one day. No matter what I say it does not change the fact that no where is like my own country in the world. I hope you will have the chance to visit a foreign country, not only America because learning new cultures helps you to look the World different. So If you can not visit anywhere than search and learn what is happening outside besides you and your country.

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