March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

There are many things in this world that people keep close to their hearts. Some people might feel a certain passion towards an experience they went through, a person they care dearly about, or even a sport they consider to be simply the best. The one thing I cherish more than anything is none of the above, but a certain place. It is a place where only having lived in, can one really feel so emotional about. A place I consider to be the best place in the world. It is the only place I can really call 'home.' This place is known as 'Masr,' or in English, Egypt.

I lived in Cairo, Egypt the majority of my life. It is what made me who I am today. Whether it's the loud honking noises of its swarming city streets, or its mystical sandy deserts that make me feel what I feel towards it, I will never know. For a tourist Egypt really isn't the best place to be, other than the historical sites such as the pyramids and the sphinx. The air is extremely polluted, the Nile River is dark and brown, and the city never goes to sleep. I truly believe that the only way to really feel what I feel towards this country is to be from there. Egyptians are known for their patriotism. No matter how many negatives are struck towards the land, it is still our home

The history of this fine land is vast. The ancient Egyptians ruled over this area with things that were new to the whole world. Their gold, hieroglyphics, and of course pyramids struck attention to everyone around the world. They introduced many concepts that were not familiar to other people, such as writing, mummification, and, of course, vast statues that were almost impossible to be built by the labor of a mere human. Till this

day, people around the world wonder how the ancient Egyptians ruled such a great empire, and need to visit the sights to believe it for themselves. Millions of people make this journey to Egypt to see the work of what was once the greatest empire in the world.
Although the history of Egypt is great, that is still not why I have such a passion towards it. The land today is also spectacular, with its long paved streets, surrounded my tall, green trees, and the grand yellow pyramids standing tall in the background. In the morning, the sun comes up, bringing a light blue, yet dark colored sky with it. During the day, the sky is clear blue, with a mix of yellow and orange from the intensity of the sun. Finally, the day comes to an end with a mixture of bright colors, and the round orange sun beautifully fading away in the background. Although it is sad to see what seemed to be such a short day come to end, it introduces a whole new setting to the country. The departure of the day brings forth a long beautiful night. The sky is almost pith black, but does not darken the city thanks to the millions of street lights, and of course, the vast white moon. The moon shines solo in the skies of Egypt because almost no stars of visible. Although it might not be appealing to not have any stars in the sky, it makes the moon's shine much more intense. It truly is a beautiful country to see, day or night.
Of course, the people are another reason why I love Egypt. No matter how hard times get, how badly life treats them, or how much the government robs them of their rights, they still have the smile that carries them through the day. Although they have so little, the smallest things like a domestic soccer match will make them the happiest people in the world. When traveling in the streets, I can feel the positivity in the air, even though those same streets are home to one of the most corrupt and unfair countries in the world. The government has robbed these people of their wants, desires, and needs, but we still stand tall and proud.
I will probably never know the one reason why I feel how I do towards Egypt. I can only assume that it is all these factors put together to create one great nation that I've come to call home. I would never do anything to harm such beauty, but do whatever I can to make it an even better place. No matter what happens during my life, or where I go, I will never forget my family, who I am, or where I come from. All I have to do is, look back, remember all the good memories, and hope that one day I can rejoin life there. Until then, all I say is, Tahya Masr (long live Egypt).

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Fayrouz SILVER said...
on Sep. 18 2009 at 5:18 pm
Fayrouz SILVER, Fargo, North Dakota
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Hey, I'm Egyptian (although I wasn't born there, my parents were). You are right about everything about Egypt. The crowded streets...the polluted air...nearly getting your toes run over trying to cross the streets...but we still love Egypt. Even the poorest farmer can't imagine life OUTSIDE Egypt. It's not the history that makes me attached to Egypt and SO PROUD that the Egyptians built the pyramids...and it's not the Nile...and it's definitely not things like bellydancing...but it's because Egypt is part of me. I would love to go live in Egypt when it's a better country...but to be honest...I think Egypt is missing a lot of things and it saddens me that it doesn't have you know what I mean?

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