My Favorite Place . . . .

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

My favorite place min the whole world is the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks is in North Carolina, and the place that we stay most of the time is a tiny little island jutting off the side. I love the beach and if I could, I would live there for the rest of my life. I have been to many beaches, but by far this is my favorite one. No matter where in the Outer Banks that you are it's always nice.
My favorite place is Hateris Island so far because that is where you can windsurf, kite surf, and everything else the best. I'm a very athletic and active person so I like being able to go outside and do almost any water sport I want to. My favorite thing to do there is skim board. This is my favorite thing my far and I would give almost anything up to go skim boarding any time I'm not at the beach. I also like renting or borrowing my friends jet skis. The jet skis are so much fun because you can go anywhere you want to on the ocean or sound side. I think that I would almost rather have one of these than a car because eventually I will be living on the beach. They're also very fun because you can go however fast you want to without getting pulled over because as far as I know there is no such thing as the ocean police. This summer I think that I want to buy a jet ski so I can use it there and when I get home I could use it here too on the Potomac River. I also wished that I lived on the beach so I could go skim boarding everyday and get sponsored like I have wanted for a while now.
There are many other reasons that I would love to live on the beach. One very important reason being it's warm and sunny almost all of the time. I also love the sand and running on the beach. Swimming in the water and watching people surf is also a lot of fun also. Sometimes you might even get to see a dolphin and that is very rare, but I was able to get a picture of them jumping out of the water. I still haven't told you the best part of the beach and why I like it the most. Seeing the girls on the beach there is my favorite by far, and let me tell you North Carolina has some pretty good ones.
The only down side of the beach is when big storms come hit the beaches and waves are coming up way over the dunes. Sometimes houses can be damaged or even destroyed, especially the houses right behind the dunes. Whenever we stay at the beach we never rent out a house right behind the dunes because of what has happened, what can happen, and what will probably happen again. Not to mention the fact that houses right behind the dunes are a lot more expensive because of how close to the beach they are and you don't have to walk down the street or anything to get right on the beach. Storms have wrecked so many houses that people became smart about building houses right on the beach and now almost every house is built on stilts. They are made like this so water won't be a problem as often.

Now let me tell you a little about skim boarding and how and why it is the greatest thing ever. OK, so you know how when a wave comes up onto the beach and then rolls back down and that just keeps going on and on, or at least until the world comes to an end. Think about when there is roughly one to one and a half inches of water rolling back into the ocean, so just keep that in mind. Most people when I say skim board they look at me like I'm stupid, so basically it's either a very thin piece of wood or preferably fiber glass that is sort of shaped like a surfboard but not as long. It's smooth on the bottom and smart people, like myself, wax the top so they stick and don't slip off. What you do is you run and throw the board down gliding across the thin water and run as fast as you can. When you catch up to it, you then jump on it and just ride. After you have that down you can work some tricks in there, but that takes years of practice. You can also ride straight towards another wave and use it like a ramp to launch yourself off of it and then do some cool trick and then land. I have been at this for almost ten years now and I can honestly say I'm one of the best on the beach. I really hope to get sponsored this summer by some surf shop on the Outer Banks. Now for the reason why it is the best thing ever'. it gets you so many GIRLS! They love it and will just sit there for hours watching you. It's basically the biggest chick magnet ever, no lie. The weird part is that they even like it when you wipe out and make a huge splash in the water. Don't ask me why because I have no idea, but that's basically why this is my favorite thing to do ever.

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