Festa Italiana

March 16, 2009
I ran to the car, knowing that we would go somewhere adventurous. It ended up being an Italian festival called Festa Italiana. This festival brings many Italian families from Wisconsin and even Illinois. I thought it wouldn't be so much fun, but it seemed very interesting when we got to festa italiana.
When we got to Milwaukee on a summer afternoon in July, I was amazed with all the interesting things that were at the festival. I could hear people socializing, bands playing amazing music, and I smelled glorious foods. ' Wow, this is really interesting,' I remarked.
' I know. I'll give you the tour,' my friend, Jack, replied. My friend had been here at festa before so he showed me around.
First we stopped at this cool stand that had many artifacts and collectables. Then we stopped to watch this Italian rock band and the sound was so excellent. Then later we tried some Italian food that tasted so delicious.
Afterward, we wanted to ride some rides, but our parents would not let us. I kept on arguing with my mom. Later, we all agreed to play on the playground.
It was starting to get dark. My friend and I were getting tired of playing, so we looked for our parents. ' Mom, Mom,' I was calling. My friend and I were alone, surrounded by thousands of people. My mom was not found.
It was about eight o'clock at night, and we were still alone. As we turned the corner we heard a band playing, one I was familiar with. We went to see who it was. The band that was playing there was Styx. They played three of my favorite songs from that band, Doriomogato, Mr. Roboto, Lady, and Renegade. They also played some songs I didn't know, but they were good anyway. The music cheered me up because we could not find our parents, even though most of the time I was thinking about my mom instead of listening to the songs.
At about ten to eleven o'clock, after Styx was done playing, we went to Lake Michigan and they had a firework show. When we got there, we found our parents. I was so happy to see my mom. I was not alone, I was not afraid, and I had no worries. It was an amazing show and funny because there were hundreds of ducks, and they were all spazzing because of the noise of fireworks.
We got back home and we had a lot of fun. We were all tired. I learned that if you don't stay together, it be more badly being separated. To also add on, appreciate what is there. So stick together and have fun.

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