Sipping Starbucks in Seattle

March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a 'sweat-shirt' warm day outside in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. Three members of the Dlouhy family were looking through the shops and stores just to pass time. It was the first time we had been here as a family ever since we moved from Seattle, Washington to the small town of Rockford in the state of Michigan.
The florescent sun shined through the bright green leaves of the trees we saw on every corner, as my brother Nathan and my dad, Paul and I walked down toward the Pike Place Market while my mom, Amie was sitting at a dull work conference. The light breeze flowing through the air brought smells of the ocean. As we walked further, we soon heard the sound of people talking and walking and the waves from the bay splashing up against docks. Pike Place Market, brick roads crowded by the people buying goods from salesmen, fish flying past your face and the original Starbucks coffee shop were a few of the sights that my eyes saw.
I had been waiting for this moment for about a month now; to actually see the first Starbucks coffee shop. As the three of us walked towards the shack, the smell of real coffee, hot chocolate and mochas filled or nostrils. Once we got though the ocean of people to the little coffee shop, a small golden plaque read, 'first Starbucks coffee shop'. I was jumping for joy!! I just couldn't wait to get in there and see what it was like to taste the best Mocha ever! Dad led me and Nathan up to the door and opened it. It was a smallish line, maybe a little bit bigger than the ones we had in the Michigan Starbucks.
We waited in that line for about five minutes, and every time the line moved forward, I was right with it. Nathan wanted to touch EVERYTHING; dad and I were just hoping he wouldn't break something. Sigh. The delicious smell was overwhelming. Finally we were at the desk, dad ordered the Pike Place roast, I ordered a Mocha and my brother ordered a cookie. I watched as the workers made the delightful drinks, hot chocolate, espresso, and fluffy white whipped cream, all went into my Mocha. The workers set the drinks down so my dad and I could take them. Nathan was already wolfing down his cookie. I took a sip, ahh liquid goodness. It was the best Starbucks Mocha I had ever tasted. Dad seemed to be enjoying his coffee also, and Nathan, he must have really liked that cookie.
We decided to call it a day and walk back to our hotel room. The streets were overflowing with walking people, and on almost every corner you saw a homeless person begging for food, money or a job. There were electric bus lines everywhere above our heads and buildings so tall they looked like they reached the sky.
Finally, after about ten stop lights, we reached the magnificent hotel we were staying in. The lamps inside still glowed even though it was still five hours from nighttime.
We rode up the elevator, all of us talking about how much fun that was to see the fish fly and the cookie gone in about three seconds. Once in our room I said, 'Gee, mom really missed out!'
Dad said, 'Yea. It was good to spend time with my family.'

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