A Day in Dodge City

March 13, 2009
By Brandon Reaves BRONZE, Statesboro, Georgia
Brandon Reaves BRONZE, Statesboro, Georgia
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The sun beat down relentlessly on the black asphalt that summer day in Kansas. Amidst the sea of black, a huge white motor home rumbled along. There wasn't anything special about the RV, a Winnebago that had obviously been fighting a long war against the sun. Its faded white paint with pale blue accents wasn't much to look at, but as with so many things it's what's inside that counts. Inside the Winnebago were two grandparents taking their two grandsons on a cross country trip. The grandfather sat behind the wheel listening to his wife entertaining the two young kids. She was regaling them with stories from the Old West, telling tales of Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, and 'Wild' Bill Hickok. These stories were fascinating for about three minutes, then the two began to act their ages. Brandon was 10 and Tyler was 8, and their attention span was shorter then that of goldfish. 'Grandpa?' Brandon called with a whine. 'Yes, Buddy?' Grandpa answered. 'How much farther is it?' Brandon whined again. 'I can see it now, Bud!' This was enough to send Brandon and Tyler into a frenzy jumping around the cabin of the RV as if they were on a sugar high.
The long trip was finally at its end. The motley crew had arrived in Dodge City, Kansas. The children leaped from the Winnebago almost before it had come to a complete stop, much to their grandmother's chagrin. The grandparents tried in vain to herd their rambunctious grandsons through various museum exhibits, including a famous boot hill cemetery. But, it was obvious what was really interesting to the young children. Brandon had found a shootout video game in the gift shop and, after begging for a quarter from his grandfather, was playing it almost too well. Every bad guy that popped up fell dead, almost as soon has he showed his face. Brandon was doing so well that a crowd had formed around him and was cheering him on. Naturally, all this attention went right to his head, and Brandon became cocky. He attempted to do tricks like turning his back to the screen and shooting the villains. This cockiness led to Brandon's defeat, and as quickly as the crowd had formed, they were gone.
The foursome climbed back into the old RV, just as the sun was setting in the western sky. Grandpa piloted the motor home towards its resting place for the night, and the young boys fell asleep on the couch. Grandpa looked at Grandma and smiled. Without a word they went to the bedroom in the back of the Winnebago and got ready for bed. As they laid down, Grandma whispered into her husband's ear 'That was a great day wasn't it George?'
'Yes, Betty,' he replied 'that was a great day.'

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