African Culture

October 5, 2016
By , indianapoils, IN

Hakuna mathata is an African saying that means no worries(“Hakuna Mathata”). Africans believe  no matter what happens, life will get better. African culture is interesting by telling how their community works, tourist, and how parents raise their kids.

The African people live in a large communities where each and every one looks after one another, and they are taught from a young age to understand that not everything is in your control, and that we all need each other and that everything happens for a reason. Their communities are very different from other places around the world, the communities would have different things in their area of where they live. 

A traveller or stranger travelling through africa, can stop anywhere at any house and not ask for food or water it goes without saying that the people welcome him, make him feel at home give him food and water and place to rest. When you travel through africa there would be people 

They are trained from a young age that things don't always go according to plan, and  hence Hakuna matata because in Africa no matter what happens life goes on.

I hope that the african culture would make the reader's mind think  that the african people is amazing fact to learn about the African history because of the different things they do to live the wild and the items they have to kill prey at night and day.            





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