Astrology: The Secret Code of Ether

July 7, 2016
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Have you ever thought that your life is controlled by some kind of external effect?


Astrology reflects to us the effect of the events above the planet-earth.  It can influence our thoughts, acts, decisions, feelings, and choices.  And all of this eventually shapes our personality.

Every zodiac sign has different characteristics and ways to communicate with those around.  Here are some tips to help you understand and develop a healthy relationship with each sign:

Aries (The Ram), March 21 to April 20

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac.  It affects The Aries members' personalities; they are the first to start and finish whatever they do.

Their symbol is ram; and likewise, Arians are stubborn, feisty and blunt.  They never give up a fight if they believe that their case is right.  Their "to the point" nature can make them seem like they are intolerant, but it's just their nature, they want to get a job done as soon as possible and move on to the next.

People born under this sign are energetic and active.  They prefer to be the person in charge in everything they do, and they don't have a hard time about managing it either!  Being straightforward and uncomplicated are the main characteristics of Arians and they always expect the same from others.  They are natural pioneers, they have a quality of bravery which is unmistakeable!

They can be also quite hot-tempered, and when they get angry they can't really control themselves, so you can think of taking your precaution beforehand.

They have an uncontrollable energy that you can immediately notice from their sparkling eyes, that massive energy causes them to be very impatient, they even have trouble standing still at times.

Arians generally know who they are and what they want in life and they generally know the quickest way to get it.  They are independent individuals who want to live their lives as they want.  Usually they don't choose to be in a committed relationship because they don't want to feel like they are giving up their freedom.
They have a childlike quality that most people find very charming. They like to start to new things; to them everyday promises new challenges to show themselves to the world, and it creates brand new opportunities to enjoy life.

Taurus (The Bull), April 21 to May 21

The bull has always been the symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power.

You can notice the same in Taurus' nature almost immediately;  they can seem quite down-to-earth and peaceful on the outside, but don't let their calm posture mislead you.  Taureans are usually quite sweet and easy-going, however when you cross them they can become destructive and shocking. 

Feeling relaxed and secure is a must-have quality for them in their life-both in business and their relationships.  They prefer to live their life in a stable and secure scale, so they seek wealth and comfort and by their hardworking nature, they are willing to do what is necessary in steadiness until they get what they aim to.

They can be quite disturbed by the sudden changes and shouldn't be pushed to make an important decision all of a sudden, they like to think properly and be able to make the most suitable desicions and then act quickly on the matter.

Being a fixed sign; they are quite determined and stubborn individuals, they won't probably listen to you when you say that their thoughts are not reasonable or right. Taureans have a quite strong personality and they show it by their posture, you can tell they have a powerful presence.


Traditions can have a major place in their lifestyle, they care about their stable and conventional methods to enjoy life and don't change them often-they love the rooted habits and the easiness they bring to life.  Comfort-loving Taureans they are; they seek relaxation in almost every aspect of life-as with relationships and business.
They are very sensual, they like to enjoy the simplest pleasures of life. Good food, relaxed music, coziness, delightful smells and so on means a lot to them and gives the opportunity to have a break from all the hustle of life and maintain the positive energy that they always cherish and give to the world in return once they get it.

Gemini (The Twins), May 22 to June 20

Zodiac sign Gemini is known for having a dual nature, as being symbolized by twins.  The sign Gemini is associated with exchange and trade. They are good talkers, it comes natural to them as this sign also represents communication, and it gains them a plenty of social contacts and friends from all walks of life. They can be very adaptable to different situations as they carry a totally different dual personalities in them.
Solar Geminis are usually clever and witty; they enjoy intellectual conversations, which keeps their mind going.  You can think that they never grow old once you observe their energetic nature.  Since it's an air sign, these individuals take logic and their mind primary, both in their social and personal life.  They can be quite objective when thinking and communicating with their ability to give their mind priority.

They seem restless to others, moving quickly and trying to finish whatever they have at their hands as quickly as possible.  It mostly makes people wonder about how they can find so much energy but it's just the way a Gemini is; they are ready to start over one more round just as you think they are done for good. 


They usually look on the bright side of life, making dealing with challenges easier, but when it comes to deeper issues, they sure don't want to go there. 


It can be hard to put your finger on what they are thinking at any given moment, their thoughts change in matter of seconds; affecting their characteristics. Their mind goes up and down, thinking about a lot of things at the same time, weighing so much in their minds.  This helps them to keep their mind busy, but in the long term it can drain their energy without them knowing; causing them to depress over so many little things.
Gemini wants to be interested by all sorts of things, that's why they choose their friends and inner circle from people which they consider entertaining, and they are no different either; their interesting nature can hardly ever bore you, they spread joy to the world and it's one of the many reasons that people want them at their side.

Cancer (The Crab), June 21 to July 22

As everyone knows zodiac sign Cancer is symbolized by the crab.   A crab's body is covered by a carapace (shell) for protection.  Just like their symbol, Cancer natives are very protective and sensitive; not only for themselves either, and the reason for that is because they ultimately care about others.

They use their shell as a mask to protect themselves from the hurt which others can give, so by covering their true-feelings, they try to hide their emotional nature and they only show their true-selves to ones that they find worthy.

Being ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions and introspectivenes; Cancer individuals are creative and nurturing, they traditionally represent maternity and feminine energy in the human nature.

They can have a hard time expressing their true feelings, even sometimes to themselves; the reason for this may be the complex nature in them.  Just as their thoughts, their complex feelings can easily mix together in their minds and eventually they can have a hard time when trying to name them through.

They are not the least bit selfish.  They can easily shape their life according to the needs and wishes of people around them and they can give priority to other's happiness.  Even if they love to see their loved ones happy, it can consume them in the long term because they are the ones who are giving everything from what is theirs by making sacrifices.

Cancer natives need roots; they like to shape their life based on one particular way, so they are likely to be conservative individuals.  If they are caught up in something, you can expect that they won't be willing to throw off that mindset once they have given their devotion.  And especially when it comes to a water sign like Cancer, emotions run deep and their beliefs take important places in their life.

They resist to change to an extent, so they always want to feel secure, and the best way to feel  it for them is their home.  Their house is like a shelter where they can feel protected and peaceful in all costs.  As they like to spend most of their time in their home, they know how to do the honors.  And that makes them one of the most hospitable signs in the zodiac.  They always know how to make you feel comfortable, making you feel beyond precious with their warm and caring nature.

Leo (The lion), July 23 to August 22

The zodiac sign Leo is symbolized by the mighty Lion; the ruler of the forest.

Since ancient times, the Lion represented majesty, power and rulership as they are the one and only protector of the jungle.

Leos, like Lions, are thougth to be born leaders.

The noble air they have is hard to miss and they are pretty much aware of it.

They love to be the ones who are under the spotlight, they love the stage and they aren't afraid to display what they are capable of to the rest of the world.  They love attention, they enjoy roaring cheers and applauses from the crowd, they love the idea of people admiring them for their outstanding qualities and somehow this keeps them going to give something better to life and make a difference in the world.
Solar Leos carry themselves with pride, the regal qualities they posses can make them seen a little bit aloof from a distance, on the contrary, they are usually warm and fun beings.  They just choose to not let their enthusiastic nature to show because they are not certain of how others will react.  And yet, these are social individuals who are highly concerned of how they present themselves so they prefer to act like it.
It's been known that Leos are highly interested in the finest things in life.  They want to live the best quality of life that they can get.

But they know that they have to work hard to get it.  They try to make their choices wisely as much as they can; but their passion for luxury and the constant attraction they have to the first class life-style which they gasp for can easily outshine the rest.

These individuals can seem lazy to others, however if it's something that they find important they get to work with devotion.

The lion governs the heart and the fore-arms in the physical system, these particular areas need personal attention since they tend to be a little bit more sensitive in these folks' anatomy and without sufficient care these areas can be damaged easily.

Their ruler planet is Sun; the infinitive source of energy and warmth, radiating light in every direction possible; and it naturally affects the Leo's nature.  Leos are warm spirited and energetic; their energy is contagious and the light they spread around affects people greatly.

Leo is another fixed sign. They stubbornly hold onto people and ideas for a long time, but if they think that they don't get the return of their kindness and good intentions; they will not hesitate to give up on them.
Even if they look arrogant and self-conceited, Leos are usually very humble and self-sacrificing if you can manage to get to know their true-selves, and you can be sure that they will always be there for you, standing by your side.


Virgo (The Virgin), August 23 to September 22

Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin, and is considered to have a shy, traditional nature which can be a little naive.  The sign is symbolized with a young woman carrying a sheaf of wheat, representing the harvest which is in the late summer, the time of the year of the sign Virgo.

The sign Virgo always sees the good in others, ignoring the blemishes, understanding that no one is created flawless.

Their caring and kind manner can mislead people; making them think that they are too emotional and too selfless to the point that they aren't able to think of themselves.  They seek perfection in everything from their relationships to their careers. And that aim for excellency they have leads them to be resolute.  You'd better not be surprised at their will to work incessantly until they are convinced that it's sufficient.  And, not suprisingly for a Virgo, these individuals will always know when to restrict themselves not to go overboard.  They always have a plan in the back of their minds which they stick to invariably, enjoying the flawless flow of the program they make.

The earth group which Virgo belongs to is known for their practicality and organized nature.  They have a logical mind.  They are responsible and patient beings which are aware of what they have to sacrifice from themselves in order to achieve their goals.  They will not mind striving until they accomplish their goals.  They are connected to the concrete matters in life and they are associated with the materialistic issues.  They want to sense their enviroment in order to feel secure.

They think that solid consepts in life provide security, and that belief leads them to work even harder to have a sense of security in their life.

Virgos are very good at problem solving, They analyze all in all, thinking carefully on every little detail in the subject.

Virgos are one of the most rational people you can ever know; and they will be the ones who unclutter the situation and make the important desicions for the task at hand.

They like to judge all the facts before and take action slowly.  Other people often get frustrated by Virgo's hesitation for action but it's just the way a Virgo is; a deep-thinker who likes to examine all of the elements, and carefully then replacing them back together again, giving them meanings to determine what the big picture is all about.

The ultimate desire for perfection in these people leads them to be hypercritical.  They always expect more of themselves and the people around.  This can make them seem too overbearing and too controlling at times; but all they want is to help you improve and be the best version of yourself.  They do have a kind soul and they can lay the world at their loved ones' feet; They possess a mother-like nature and are always helpful and loyal to their friends and family. They have hearts full of love and affection and they are not afraid to show it to the ones who gained their trust; you just have to be worthy to gain it.


Libra(The Scale), September 23 to October 22

A scale always goes up and down, weighs things and tries to maintain the bliss-point, once it achieves it.
Just like their symbol; A Libran always focuses on balancing their life between many different areas, working hard to be in the middle ground.  They aim for peace and harmony both in their innerself and their enviroment; and they feel incomplete when they can't do so.

A life like this may seem frustrating to some people, but a Libran can deal with all the hard work for the perfection they desire while always showing-off their flawlessly cheerful demeanor, radiating happiness; making everyone's day more joyful.

The Scale also represents justice; Likewise, Libras are naturally fair and objective folks, they always want to do what is best for everyone, even when it's not very pleasing for themselves.

They strive so much to give the right desicion and maintain the happiness, so much so that they may seem discursive and indecisive to others.  But all they simply want is to create beauty and pleasantness.
The Scale represents union, for them everything is better when done as a pair.  And since they epitomize togetherness; they are Highly associated with marriage and partnership.  Librans are social people; they certainly are a pleasure to be with.  They ultimately enjoy being in social gatherings, and always do their best in team-work.

Libra is ruled by Venus; the goddess of love and beauty; and they are her image on earth today.  Librans are artistic, refined and charismatic individuals.  They carry themselves gracefully and they have a very elegant air about them which captivates people instantly.  The members of this sign are born charmers, they always know the right things to say and how to act in certain situations. Since they detest hurting anyone's feelings; they are highly sensitive about the way they treat others.

You can say that Libras simply are in love with being in love, they approach love quite romantically. When in love; they want to be absorbed in their partner and become unified. For a Libra, beauty and romance is supreme; They can do anything to impress their loved one, and seeing them happy will be their only wish.
The natives of this sign attach high value to beauty; they are known to have a good taste on things. They always want the best of the best and they can often have a weak spot for high quality,        brand - named items.

The element of Libra is air, and this means reaching the state of mindfulness and providing balance in life.  People born under air signs are gifted with a very logical mind, they are intellectual individuals and they need lots of stimulation, and always searching for new topics to chew on to satisfy their endless curiosity.
Librans are all about exchange of ideas, they have great creative minds and they like to put their skills in good use.  They value truth and realism, they know how to manage their emotions and their logic correctly according to situations, see the different aspects of opposing issues, and coming up with effective solutions.
They are great communicators and engaging talkers; they are extremely verbal and they bring intellect to a matter without being dull.  They are easy-going folks and it's predictable that they are quite popular in their circle, this comes from their ability to put people at ease, and their gift to manage all kinds of situations with leniency and diplomacy.  They have a talent for making people feel comfortable and relaxed and that is one of the many reasons which they are loved and wanted in wherever they have been.


Scorpio(The Scorpion), October 23 to November 21

Unlike the rest of the signs in the zodiac chamber those born under the zodiac sign Scorpio are symbolized by three different creatures, namely scorpion, eagle, and phoenix.  The first is the deadly scorpion; they illustrate the earth-bound nature of Scorpio. Crawling low to the ground they hide in dark corners and silently prepare themselves to sting and destroy everything whenever they feel threatened.  The agressive urge to protect themselves from anything suspicious and the uncontrollable feeling of rage illustrate the Mars effect upon the nature of the unfledged Scorpio. The second symbol, the eagle shares with scorpion the ability to strike at the most penetrative moment, and make the most effectable stroke without hesitation. But whereas the scorpion prefers to stay close to the ground, The eagle soars above great heights, using their probing eyesight to notice what others miss and guard the skies and earth.

The third symbol, the legendary phoenix is the transformational symbol of Scorpio.  As the legend goes, at the end of his life phoenix builds a pyre and sets itself on fire and rises from its ashes. And when it's reborn; it becomes more beautiful and powerful than ever.  Likewise, Scorpio has tremendous regenerative powers; you can always be sure of when they seem like they are falling; they will rise back again and it will be undoubtedly majestic.

Scorpio's often concern themselves with beginnings and endings; and are not afraid of either.  They see the world jet-black or pure-white; there is no place for grey for a Scorpio.  They are capable of great-evil and great-good; they just show you what they want you to see.

They can be quite vindictive and jealous.  They don't forget an act of betrayal or deceit easily.  They can hold a grudge for a long time and be quite ruthless when the moment of revenge comes.

Scorpio is another member of water signs, and these signs particularly are emotional in nature.  Like the varied depth of water; which can be shallow or deep as the ocean; the emotions of Scorpio's too have a wide range.

You can never know what comes next; and it just makes them more interesting and exciting to be around.
Those born under this sign are as emotional as other water signs, yet they are not willing to show it.  For an intrinsic Scorpio true emotions are meant to be kept under cover and only shown to whom who is loyal and reliable enough to gain their trust.  They are highly intuitive, and their ability to see through things can make them guard themselves against any harmful situations.

Also, like the ocean; Scorpio hides many secrets; you must delve deep into them in order to uncover all the mysteries and beauties they hold within themselves.

Fearless Scorpio's never lose.  They just keep going until they get what they want and obtain the results they had already set their minds into a long time ago. This Scorpio trait is in keeping with the fixed quality assigned to this sign.  When they find something that interests them; they put their heart and soul into it, getting down to the core of anything, working with passion and determination To get the job done in the best way possible.

These folks are in absolute control in their lifes and they want to live their lives in their own terms and get uncomfortable when someone tries to be authoritive to them.

Scorpio is ruled by Two planets: Mars and Pluto.  Mars was the God of war in ancient roman mythology and it symbolizes intensity, violence, strength, courage, fieriness and aggresiveness. And Pluto; again in the roman mythology, was the God of the underworld and it symbolizes the power of creation, destruction, transformation, rebirth, power, death and dark energy.  So when coupled with Mars; this intense energy makes for people who are motivated, penetrative and aware.

They can be succesful in any job that makes great changes in the world, their desire to explore the hidden makes them good detectives and investigators.  Scorpios can convince anyone about anything; which lets them make a succesful career out of any trade business.  They can be great doctors and surgeons due to their healing abilities.  They don't have difficulty attracting anyone and have strategic minds which makes them natural leaders.


Saggitarius (The Archer), November 22 to December 21

Saggitarius is symbolized by the Archer half-men, half horse.  The centaur is thought to symbolize the Saggitarian's attempt to free themselves from the ties of man's animalistic nature; it symbolizes the constant progress and the spiritual development humans experience in their lifes.  The centaurs are thought to be The intellectuals in ancient roman mythology.

The glyph for Saggitarius depicts the archer's arrow slung in a bow.  This glyph represents the desire for direction, and a higher purpose.

They are the truth-seekers of the zodiac; they always have questions flying around in their minds, and their sense of curiosity is immeasurable.

They are true adventurers.  They want to experience new things, trying to learn and improve themselves in any given chance, they see the world as a testing field. Therefore they wonder about what's coming next.
They are keenly interested in philosophy and religion, they see these issues as a path which goes along with the life itself, and they are aware that if they uncover the mystery within, they will have given a meaning to their own journey.

A saggitarian's aim in life is to live the life to the fullest.  They need freedom in their eternal quest for the meaning of life, and the best way to accomplish this for them is to do it while feeling independent.

They are outspoken in their beliefs; so much so sometimes they come across as harsh when they receive any kind of criticism and they tend to turn deaf to other's suggestions.  Their fidelity can sometimes cause people to hesitate to express their own thoughts; but their straightforvardness just comes naturally to them and they are generally friendly towards people and their actions are full of sincerity.

They have a blind faith in people, and the world.  They always look at the sunny side of things.
They are optimists, even the hardest situations can't spoil their mood easily.  They can seem like they are unemotional, that's just because they don't like to live in the past and they simply move on.

Their ruler planet is Jupiter: the planet of luck and good fortune.  Jupiter symbolizes growth and change; making them to be expansive in their thoughts as well as their approach to life.  Saggitarians are the lucky bunch of the zodiac, things come so easily to them and that's why they need to be aware of their tendency to be reckless and self-indulgent.

Saggitarius is a fire sign.  And like fire; they move quick and uncontrollably, they impatiently jump into action and never look back.  They are filled with energy and are also unpredictable with their actions.  They tend not to plan ahead and act without any forethought.

Their quest for knowledge and spirituality makes philosophy, law, religious studies and education the well-suited fields for a job for a Saggitarian. They also tend to find success in sports because of the athletic qualities which their fiery nature has given them.


Capricorn (The Mountain Goat), December 22 to January 20

Goats find security in heights and peeks of the highest mountains where the air is clean and fresh.  In much the same way Capricorns want to get to the top of their chosen field so that they can benefit from success; and fame, prestige and money that come naturally along with it.  Stubborn goats climb to the highest places that can be climbed, slowly and surely. And also, the same goes for the Capricorns; they work tirelessly until they get what they desire.  They have a lot of strength; the difficulties that they encounter along the way just makes them more ambitious and determined to achieve their goals.

Capricorns are extremely responsible.  You can be assured that if they have a task in their hands, it will be done flawlessly.

They are industrious, efficient, organized and practical.  They believe that every succesful accomplishment requires a well-tested method, and succes comes with loyalty to the plan.  They are rather conventional in their approach to life; always going for the customs and rules.  They like to play it safe; this can make them lack in spontaneity.  All their acts are preplanned and well-rehearsed in their minds beforehand.

They don't mind taking things slowly if there's a worthy aim they had set for themselves.  They like to weigh things and see the possibilities and risks which can occur and take necessary precautions.

They are patient, self-assured people and they aren't demotivated by failure. They become more determined and strive continuously to reach success in their lives.

Their desire to reach their goals can make them seem like cruel and ultra perfectionists.

They can come across as unemotional and cold to some people.  However, Capricorns have a tender heart behind their hard exterior.  They have an enormous sense of responsibility, which urges them to help others.
The sign Capricorn is associated with the earth element.

They are practical, pragmatic and sensible.  They generally make an impression which is dignified and this makes people respect them even before they know them intimately.

They are down-to-earth in the sense of that they are not interested in wild dreams and would rather stay put and get to work.  They have a direct approach in life which gives them the mentality to get their job done.
A Capricorn at rest enjoyes relaxed and calm sports like golf and yoga; such sports give them a break from all the duties they deal with on a daily basis.  Since they love team work and organization; they love playing with a crew. Their ambitious is boundless; yet they always work hard and play fair.  That's why their succeses are all the more sweet.


Aquarius (The Water Bearer), January 21 to February 19

The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer; symbollicaly giving life to the humanity.  The water in the vessel represents the knowledge and open-ended spiritual energy that is being poured in to the world. It washes away the past and leaves room for a fresh start.  Similarly, Aquarians are forward-looking and growth-oriented, they seek to expand their knowledge to the highest level possible with new beggginings.

Aquarians are generally intelligent and quick witted; they can pick up things very fast.  They are great thinkers and always have questions in the back of their minds which they ponder all the time.  They are curious in nature and they take interest in everything about them.  However, this can make it difficult for them to concentrate on one thing.

Aquarians are visionaires.  They aim to make significant changes and leave a mark in the world.  They can make big chances in the world with their endless creativity and innovative ideas.  They are often expected to have a hard time to return to reality as they have such strong imaginations, and they often daydream in everyday life. These folks are kind-hearted, compassionate people and they offer the world humanity.  They always think about how things can be better and try to engage others in the process.  They are unwilling to walk the beaten path most of the time and tend to create their own ways.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus; and the combination of these two planets makes Aquarians to be original and different in all areas of their life.  They believe that in the end the original approach is what is needed to change the world.  They are independent people; they always go on their own path, despite what others say or think.  They can come across as stubborn to people as they can be very fixed in their opinions, but that just comes from their strong beliefs that they are always right.

Aquarians are straight-forward and don't like changes too much often. They have sharp boundaries and they don't compromise their principles.  They need space and value personal freedom. They like to set their own rules, and they don't appreciate people who try to control them or their life.

Aquarius falls under the air signs, which makes them skilled thinkers.  They generally put intellect over other functions in their lives and this can make them lack in creating an emotional connection with others. They are quick learners and they can move between thoughts effortlessly. They are great communicators. They love to teach people about what they know and they are always up for an interesting conversation.

They are social and friendly individuals. They have an outgoing personality and they like to surround themselves with lots of people.

The great strengths of the Aquarius-born are their vision, intellect and humanity.  They are imaginative and inventive.  Hence, they make great discoverers, scientists and researchers.            They are highly interested in sciences and in abstract topics. They can be highly succesful in the fields of technology, engineering, space sciences, media and information technologies.

They have a creative bend of mind, which can help them becoming actors, musicians, theatrical personalities, dramatists, musicians and so on.

They can find succes in careers of physicians, medical personnel and pharmacists because of their humanitarian nature.They can be great teachers since they are all about teaching and adding value and knowledge to other's lives.


Pisces(The Fish), February 20 to March 20

A pair of fish represents Pisces. The fact that they swim in opposite directions symbolizes the character of this sign; Pisces alternate between reality and non-reality through their introspectiveness. Their voyage between consciousness and unconciousness dream state says much about their intuitive and sensitive nature.

Pisceans are known to be emotional and sensitive because of their watery nature. Just like water; their emotions can run deep or can be shallow.  Also, their thoughts or feelings don't remain constant through the day and mood shifts are quite normal amongst these individuals.  They generally live in a world of their thougths and dreams; so they often feel alone because they think that nobody understands them and they find it hard to relate to others.

These natives are very creative and imaginative, they can look into a situation from both sides.  Hence, they are more aware of the pros and cons of the matter before others.  They love to create new things and come up with ideas.

Their friendly and easy-going nature has made them quite favourite with others.  They treat others exactly how they want others to treat them.  They generally have a hard time saying no because they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

They can be very lazy about things that don't matter to them.  Their enthusiasm tends to last only for a short time.  However, when given the right time and situation; they can be incredibly succesful in the path they choose.

They are devoted and responsible people. If you give them any responsibility, they will never ever dissapoint you.

Pisces is a passive sign. They can be easily influenced and are adaptable to other's ideas. 

Decision-making troubles them the most.  When things go wrong, they are not likely to work hard enough to go deep and solve the problem, instead they avoid dealing with it.

Pisceans are intelligent.  They are often identified with their hard working nature and diligence-both in their professional and casual life.

Pisceans love luxury, style and pleasure, and are always ready for new adventures.

Pisces adapt well to their circumstances; good or bad.  They can be highly tuned to everything about them, including the feelings of the others.  They are able to notice what a person wants or needs, and they are happy to deliver it.

Pisces can become successful in especially in the fields of arts; such as music, literature, drama and dance.
Those who are born under this sign are charitable in nature.

They are gentle, patient and good-natured people; kind and compassionate to others' sufferings.  Therefore, they may get associated with spiritual and charity organizations and societies.

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