All Five Elements

May 16, 2016
By Willthewiccan GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Willthewiccan GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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There are essentialy four elements with a connection to a fifth element. These elements consist of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. All of the elements are equal but some are used more often than other making the others look weaker. In the astral plane all of the elements are equal but on gaia they are harder to control. I usually prefer fire it’s easy to control its helpful in healing and it can be used for defense. Fire or pyro is quite common but some people are better with the elements usually when you’re young you pick out your element or sometimes elements.This is because your astral knows that this will come easy to you and that’s a good thing. My first choice for an element was water though I never did get far with it. Some people mark themselves with their element or try to hang around it quite often. Symbols of the element are believed to make you stronger and closer with the element. Elements don’t always come to people easily I had to strive to get down pyrokinises and I still struggle today. Elements aren’t the safest thing to work with in fact they can hurt you if you abuse or misuse them. There are some cases where someone can’t use an element because of their past life. These cases are quite rare and usually mean that your ancestor was unworthy it doesn’t mean you are and a wiccan can give those abilities back if they choose to do so. Many people feel like it’s fake because it’s in movies and that’s not real but truly we can do it all well not exactly like in movies but pretty close. The elements have different pros and cons for instance pyro pros getting warm, starting fires, and cooking food. A couple Cons are can burn hands, losing control, or something along those lines. Energy used for the elements come from the astral and are released from the mouth hand and feet. Releasing too much energy can severely drain you or cause the caster to become slightly injured. Almost all of the time your nose will bleed after using too much energy. This is a huge sign that you need to stop. There are many signs of overuse in most cases blood is the best situation where other situations the mage will pass out from exhaustion. It’s unwise to cast when tired or depressed unless healing a wound. Don’t purposely cast in public that never ends up positive.

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most people mistake spirit as a medium.

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