The Universal Holiday

February 25, 2009
By Lexi Mikrut BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
Lexi Mikrut BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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At Epcot Park in Disney World, the theme of the park is designed to show off the cultures of the world. Each country is represented by a visual setting showing each country so as you walk through Epcot it is as if you are taking a trip around the world. One can visit the jungles of Africa or take a Norwegian boat ride. Epcot is a place where many come from around the world to learn about their own culture and the cultures of others.
This year I had the chance to ring in 2009 with people from around the world. I was able to celebrate several different New Years as I traveled around the world in Epcot Park. It was during my family's trip to Disney world over Christmas break that I had this chance and it is the New Years that I will remember the most. On the Night of the 31st, my sister and I were at Epcot. Every nation had their 'country' decorated appropriately for the New Year. People from all over the world were there taking in the experience. I quickly forgot I was in Florida as I watched a Chinese Firework Show and ate French ice cream. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Everyone walked around wearing light-up Mickey Mouse ears and a smile of their face. Signs stood in all the different countries exclaiming happy New Year in a different language. As I stood there waiting for the countdown to begin, I heard people talking on either side of me in languages that I couldn't understand but when the fireworks went off and the New Year begun, everyone's reaction was the same. Everyone hugged their loved ones and celebrated a new start no matter what their nationality was. This experience touched me so much because it showed how we are all people and though we may celebrate different ways, we all are hoping for the same: a happy new year.

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