February 21, 2009
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'Is it time?'
'Not yet.'
'It is coming. I can feel it.'
The ground started to shake. Everyone was still. Everybody dropped their bike. The new parents dropped the buggy on the back with their bike. Because small children were not allowed to see this. They said it wasn't possible for children that young to see such a beautiful thing.
'This is better then I thought it would be!'
'Look at all the colors!'
Everyone started to whisper. The same thing was whispered over and over.
'This is it! The first ever. They said that in the brightness around us there was no such thing as a'a'a-'
'ATTETION ALL! Yes this is a very exciting day. The first trees on the land. Not even in the brightness do they have anything like this. Will you all please return to your small family order. We thank you all.'

I was the only one. The only person that was not able to go out and see these beautiful colors. I have herd of them at school though. These things that are called trees, and grass, they were green. This new color. And the river. As blue as the sky. As shinny as if you were to go to the 'beyond'. Just by watching out my window I could only view the sea of kids. All ages. Moms. Dads. Everyone. Except me. I had to stay with Mary-Jane. Mary-Jane is my new baby sister. The young were not aloud to go and see this'this' magic happen. They said babies could not. Were not physically able to see this.

My best friend in the whole beyond was out there. Her name was Janie. She was out there. I could not see her. But she was. Me and Janie looked a lot alike. We both had long black hair, medium skin, and we always wore the same type of clothing. The only kind there was really. I liked to wear mini skirts. Jean ones only. Janie was a little more self-conscious and always wore jeans. No matter how high they set the temperature that day. My parents do not like me to wear skirts. I don't'..when I am around them. I wear jeans, like Janie, to school and bring a jean mini skirt and my gloss for my lips in my backpack and change at school.

My parents always did this to me. I had to miss school because my eight year old sister, Jessa, had a trip to another place and my parents were going with. I had to watch Mary-Jane. But when I had to do this I usually took Mary-Jane and we went to sit in the rocks at the field. The field now had a river in the middle. I would have to go there tomorrow.

But now I wait.

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maggiedoodle said...
Mar. 8, 2009 at 11:22 pm
idk y it has those symbols....
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