My Journey

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Hi! Have you ever been to Saudi Arabia? Well I have and I'm going to tell you about my exciting journey. When I found out that I was going to Saudi Arabia I was so excited! I was jumping in the air, I was screaming out loud and yelling and screaming a high pitched scream. (Magic three) I t was 9:45 and the plane left at 10:00 so I hurried up and ran up to the lady at the ticket booth to give her my ticket. She wasn't the most pleasant looking lady. She had crooked yellow teeth with tons of plaque on them, really messy and greasy brown and blonde hair with flakes of dandruff everywhere. She had on old blue jeans that had holes everywhere. She had a ruby red t-shirt on that looked like it would fit a second grader. She was as white as snow(snapshot) I 'm guessing that she was thinking that I was way better looking and wealthier. She took my plane ticket and ripped off the tab and told me in a raspy voice and sounding like she didn't mean it.'Enjoy the ride.'

'Oh thank you, I'm sure I will.' I said. As I stepped on the steps to get up to the plane I felt so excited but scared at the same time. 'Geeze this is going to be the best thing ever, I cant wait.' I thought.

It was time for me to pick my seat. I sat next to an older looking man. I was so happy that I could hear myself screaming in my head. I was so happy that I was clenching my fists so hard. I was so happy that I couldn't stand it any longer!(Repetition for effect) Before I knew it, the plane ride was over and was in Saudi Arabia! That flight only felt like it was 1 hour instead of how long it actually was. A little girl was so excited she was screaming so loud as if people were cheering, after someone scored!

When I stepped out of the plane it was the greatest feeling ever, it was like someone was handing me an Emmy but instead a worker was just handing me my luggage it felt like she handed over 700 hundred pounds!(figurative language) After that I was off in a taxi car to go to my hotel! From the airport to my hotel it was only about a fifteen minute ride. When I walked into my hotel it was awesome! I've never seen anything like it before! I walked up to my hotel room and dropped all of my luggage, I left my hotel room for the real journey to begin. I went out to the streets and I noticed that I was starving so I went to Noodles Express. It was about an hour later and I was outside on the streets just checking everything out when I noticed a paper that said come and learn about an animal that lives in Asia! I couldn't wait I loved animals I called the number that was listed on the poster!


'Hi I was wondering if I could learn about an animal in Saudi Arabia.'

'Of course you can, It is tomorrow at 1:30 on Swiller Street.'

'Okay that would be great! Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

'Oh no, no, no thank you!'

After I hung up the clouds started to scatter rain all over!(,figurative language).a It was like as if it was raining cats and dogs. So I hurried up and ran into my hotel as fast as I possibly could. It was so ironic that it was raining because it is very rare for it to rain in Saudi Arabia! Well if it keeps raining at this rate nobody will be going outside, well unless you want to get soaked! But if I wanted to go outside and get drenched that would be a piece of cake! I thought in my head how short of a trip this was going to be, it was only for two nights! Well at least I won a lottery ticket to get money so I can at least experience coming here for a little time!

It was about 9:00 now and I knew that tomorrow would be a big day so I went to go into my hotel bedroom and watch television for a little and eventually fall asleep. Someone from the hotel went in my room and said wake up, I was not expecting that so it was almost like it was some rooster from a farm that got lost! So I stepped out of bed and went and started to make coffee. Ding! Oh boy, that meant that my coffee was done! So I went over to the coffee maker and poured myself a glass, I made sure to go kind of quickly knowing that I had to be ready to go at 1:00 so I was there on time! I grabbed my nice steaming cup of coffee it felt like I was holding fire. I walked into the living room slowly making sure that I did not spill my full steaming cup of coffee. I sat down in a nice comfy chair and watched some news. The news was saying how the Great Wall of China is the biggest wall in the world, and how it stretches for over thousands of miles! After they were done talking about the Great Wall of China I turned off the television to go get ready.

First I went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I walked in the shower it felt like I stepped into heaven it felt so nice and warm! After the shower I went and got dressed and did my hair. I put on my favorite perfume cucumber melon. It smells so good! Then when I was done getting ready I went out of the hotel into my rental car to go learn about an animal in Saudi Arabia! When I was on Swiller Street, I was so excited I have never been more excited in my life other then when I found out I was going to come here!

I went and found my seat in the theater and it was about to began!

'Hello my name is Gilberto and I am about to tell you a little bit about an animal that lives in Saudi Arabia. So I'm guessing that you are wondering what kind of animal you are going to be learning about? You will be learning about the camel and if you want to call it by it's scientific name it would be called Camelus dromedarius!'

'This will be interesting!' I thought.(thought shot)

'Okay camels are in which phylum?'

Good question they are in chordata, the class that they are in is mammalia, maybe you want to know what kingdom they are in well they are in animalia. Here are some characteristics that they can have. Camels can have one or two humps, camels also eat a wide variety of plants and most camels live in the desert. One adaptation that camels have for their habitat is broad, flat, leathery pads at the bottom of their hooves so that the burning hot sand wont hurt their hooves. Another adaptation that camels have is they have some type of milk in them that allows them to be replenished. Also camels have very long eyelashes so that in a sand storm no sand gets in their eyes. He went on for about another hour after that it was finally time to go I was very satisfied with myself that I went to learn things that I would probably never even thought of knowing about. I was already at my hotel in a blink of an eye.(figurative language) It was already time for me to go get my lunch even though it was kind of late in the day I went anyway. I really liked Noodles Express but I wanted to try another restaurant so, I went to Ching Chang's to eat sushi and wanton soup with a soda.

After I was finished eating my delicious lunch I wanted to go and learn about a famous discovery so I went to a library and searched up famous discoveries in China and it went to a site that was talking about a day in memory of An Wang which was a famous inventor. It said that today at 6:00 which was in like a half an hour people were going to go to his grave site to learn about what he invented and why he was so important. I was so excited to go I was going bananas.(Idiom figurative language). So since one of the reasons why I wanted to come here was to learn I wanted to go so I left and stepped inside my rental car to go to his grave site. When I reached the graveyard I was so happy I couldn't wait to listen to what people had to say about him. so I walked over to his grave yard and people started to talk about why he is so special.

'An Wang invented the computer memory core in 1948 and he died at age seventy. He was born in 1920 one out of five children. He immigrated to the united states of America in 1945, in 1951 he founded his company. He also introduced the desktop calculator. He battled cancer of the esophagus for more than a year and he eventually died.'
'We are here today to talk about all of the great things he did, if he did not invent a computer memory core, the computer would be useless.'
'We would like to thank all of the people that came to speak about An Wang.' It was over and my trip almost was to I was so glad that I got to come here but so mad that I had to leave tomorrow! I went back to the hotel and sat for a little In the living room thinking of things I could do. I thought for a long time and couldn't come up with anything, so I sat for a little longer and thought what I could do for my last event in Saudi Arabia before having to leave to back home. I thought and thought and thought and couldn't come up with anything! So I just sat there and finally decided that I would go out to the streets and look at some little shops. So first I went outside of my hotel to go and see what cool shops I could find.

I went farther down the road and saw a shop that looked interesting. The reason why it looked so interesting is because it was an Adidas store so that meant it had a lot of shoes and Adidas is my favorite brand of shoes so I went in there and looked if their shoes were similar as ours they were pretty similar but some were a little bit different. There was way more soccer shoes and I m guessing that because soccer and cricket are the most popular sport there. After I looked a little more and found some shoes that I just could not pass up so I went to the counter and told the man that I would like to buy these shoes. Once I was out of the store I went to go to my hotel and relax the time was ticking so fast it felt like the clock was giving me a death stare(personification). So I went to go pack my bag since I was leaving tomorrow. When I was done I decided that I would go and check out the pool that was in my hotel so I went and grabbed my bathing suit and towel and walked into the elevator there was probably about four or five other people in there not including me. So as you could imagine it was very crammed and I didn't like that because I am cluster phobic So I was hoping that it would go to the floor that I had to get off of first.

Thankfully it did so I went onto the pool deck and walked to the diving boards and dived into the water usually I check to see the temperature of the water but It looked so nice so I thought that it would be at the right temperature but I guessed wrong it was super cold! That was not good news for me because I like really warm water and it was probably 69' which was not warm enough for me so I swam for a little to see if my body would get used to it but it didn't so I decided that I would just get out and go to the arcade room so I went to the locker room and got dressed into my pajama's and headed to the arcade room I played Pac Man and I won seven levels and decided that I would go to my hotel room to get ready for bed because I would have to leave pretty darn early tomorrow so I wanted to get a good nights rest.

Then I thought about how I haven't even ate anything for my dinner yet and that made me a little mad because I already had my pajama's on but then I thought how the hotel that I was staying in had a restaurant and hopefully people wouldn't care what I was wearing so I decided that I would go there it was called Al Andalusia so I ordered a fish with extra tartar sauce it was so delicious but I was still hungry so I ordered a side of sushi which was the est sushi I've had in my life! Then when I was done eating I went to my hotel room and went to bed.

When I woke up that morning all that I could think about was how much I learned while I was here. Now I was just a little bummed because I knew that I would be leaving in like and hour I went and got ready then went around the room to make sure that I wasn't forgetting anything and left the room I went out into the hall way and slowly walked to the elevator to go to the airport.

It took a pretty long time to get home when I reached my house I unpacked my bag and thought I couldn't believe that my journey was over!

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