February 11, 2009
By princess(((: BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
princess(((: BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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'Really mom, I can go?' I asked my mother while I got ready to go crazy.
'Ugh, you may come with us.' YA-HOO!! I was so excited. I didn't have to stay here with my weird grandma. You didn't know how happy I am right then. I was so pumped. As a matter of fact right, I ran upstairs and started packing without a time to spear, even though we don't leave for another two weeks.
'Sister! Sister, wake up!' That is the exact words I woke up to that morning, and my little sister pouncing on my bed. When I got up I looked at the time and it was eleven thirty-two A.M. We had to be at the air port in an hour and I still had to get ready, eat and get all stuff together for the long trip to see my brother in California. I ran down the hall to my parents' room to check if they were up yet, which they weren't. 'Mom, dad! The plane leaves in two hours but we have to arrive there to check-in at one thirty!'

'What! Honey, what time is it?' My sleepy mom asked in a scratchy just-woke-up tone of voice.

'Eleven thirty-four. Wake up and get ready!' After that, I stormed out of the room and hopped in the shower.

'Oh, goodness gracious, I thought I set the alarm.' My mom took some time to figure out why the clock didn't go off and she found that she set the clock to go off at nine thirty P.M.

We ended up leaving the house at twelve fifteen and arrived at the airport just in time. The check-in line took a billion years; at least it felt like it.
While I was waiting in line I realized that I didn't have my phone with me. I forgot it on the counter. Technically, my sister did because I asked her to grab it. I started yelling at her in the line and was attracting attention. One of the security guards came up to me told me to please calm or else'' you know the rest of that sentence. When I got to security, they opened my suitcase, which was a carry on, and saw I had some perfume, and mouth wash. They made me toss all of it out.

By the time we got out of the line, the plane left in thirty five minutes and we had no time to grab something to eat. We had to take a train to the other half of the airport to depart and make it there in time. When we got there, they were closing the gate and finishing the last of the luggage to load. As soon as we got on the plane we walked though first class and wished we would have been sitting there. We had the chance, but because of my sister always having to go to the bathroom, we had to get second class so she wouldn't annoy the people around us.

I ended up getting the seat between my mother and sister. This lady in front of us was wearing way too much perfume and almost got me sick. Then the family behind us was also weird in some way. The dad was on the phone and laptop at the same time which was really pointless to me. The kid was throwing a tantrum and his face was as red as a tomato. And to top it off, the mom was jamming out to her I-pod and singing out loud for the rest of the world to hear. I soon as I sat down I tried to fall asleep, but that was impossible because of the smell and the family behind me. Also my mom was blabbering on about nothing to me.

Halfway though the flight, the attendant came by our row and asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink. I noticed that she had a weird smile on that kind of freaked my sister and me out. I asked for a coke with ice and some peanuts. She took a little while to comprehend that order and then went to work. My sister asked for the same thing as me, of course. I was quenched. As soon as I got my drink, I took the biggest gulp I've ever taken in my entire life. I found out after the third gulp that it was diet coke. I almost spit it out as fast as it when in, but then I remembered that I was on a plane so I couldn't. I told the attendant that it was the wrong thing; she just smiled at me and continued on without giving me my snack. I don't know if she was implying anything or if she didn't understand me, but either way it was rude.

About thirty minutes later I found my arm being slobbered on and slept. My sister sat there asleep. I hit on the head and few times to wake her up. When she finally did, she started screaming at me and so did my mom. This whole plane ride has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I wish I shouldn't have gone on this trip in the first place. I totally regret begging my mom to let go.

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