February 4, 2009
By novel mulugeta BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
novel mulugeta BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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For New Years Eve, I went to Atlanta for two weeks. Family and I went to explore what was good dawn there. I also visited some family member's wile we were there. I haven't seen my family in Atlanta for five years my families were trying to go first class but we wanted to save some money so we went on coach. It was cool I thought coach would be boring but it wasn't that bad. We arrived in Atlanta in the evening my uncle came to pick us up from the airport, he had nice car. It was a Hummer and that was the first time we ever been in one, so it was kind of cool. I was trying to drive the hummer with my uncle before we come back, so I asked him if I could take the car for one night to the movies with my cousin. My uncle let us use it since he had not seen me for a long time. He did not want to say no so we got the chance to drive the Hummer and also go to the movies. It was a good feeling driving a nice car but it did not last for long. The theater was close to the house. It was a good but also scary feeling driving a big car. After we came back from the movies we didn't have a chance to drive it again. But it was cool that we at least got to drive a nice car. We stayed there for a week. Most of the time we went to the carnivals or cultural parties. I would say that one week in Atlanta I did something I haven't done before. I hade a blast time. It was cool going to Atlanta for a vacation; I hope I get to go there again sometime soon. Until then I am just going to chill in Denver.

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