My Favorite Place

December 17, 2008
By Morgan Stephenson, Columbia, MO

I don’t really know what it is about Disney World , but it is my favorite place. It is my “Happy Place”. Ever since I was a baby, my family has been making Disney World one of our family vacation destinations. And, I love it!

I have been to Disney World four times in my life, and each time I go back, it makes me want to go back again. Every time I visit, I come back with new memories of laughter, fun and family togetherness. I experience new things and revisit the things I have already experienced. And when I come home, I look forward to the next time I will feel the magic of Disney.

For several years when I was younger, my great uncle was one of the Vice-Presidents of Disney World. I am sure that is why my family has vacationed in Florida as much as we have. It was a fairly cheap vacation for my family. My Uncle was always able to get us tickets, so the cost of going there was much cheaper for my family. We also had got to go to many special events, that we would not have been able to , if my uncle did not work there. I remember one time when we were watching a parade at the MGM Studios. My uncle told us that the “best view of the parade” was at a particular street corner of the route. We fell for that. We wanted to get the “best view of the parade”. Only to find out that at that exact location, during every parade, the camel on the Aladdin Float just happens to spit on the crowd. Yes, we got wet.

Every time I walk through the gates at the Magic Kingdom, I feel a flutter in my stomach. I look around and everyone I see has a smile on their face. It just is a happy place. It is a place where you really can forget about your troubles. There are balloons, beautiful flowers and people dressed up as characters giving out hugs. There are little kids screaming with excitement and older adults sitting on benches just enjoying the fun of it all. There are parents carrying children so they can walk at a faster pace to get to a ride, and people of all ages pointing to Cinderella’s Castle.

There is a lot to do at Disney World. From the Teacup ride to the Haunted House, we will stand in line for hours if we have to. I have never been a big fan of roller coasters, but the last time we went, my mom talked us into going on Space Mountain. It was spooky, but fun. There are also a lot of shows to see. My family has always liked to go to stage shows. We especially enjoy the Lion King, Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast shows.

You can learn a lot at Disney World. At Epcot, you can learn about different countries and try the food that each country is famous for. You will also see how the people dress in different countries. At MGM Studios, you can see how movies are made and get an idea on how important the stunt people are in movies. At the Animal Kingdom, you can go on an African Safari and get an idea of the habitats of different animals.

At the end of every trip, we talk about the next time we will visit. My Uncle has retired, but we will be back. My parents say that it is not a relaxing vacation, but as much as we enjoy it, it is worth the energy. I love Disney World. It is my favorite place.

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