December 12, 2008
By carlo toma, EL Cajon, CA

My life didn’t start out normal. I was born in Iraq, and within one month after my birth my family fled from Iraq. Now we didn’t take a plane or a bus or anything like that. We had to escape from there and fast. At the time there was a war going on, so if they caught you escaping, they would either put you in jail or kill you on the spot. Lucky we got out alive but it sure wasn’t easy. One of the most difficult moments we had was when we were on our way to Greece (our destination), and the man who we paid to help us escape dropped us off at a corner and said I will be back for you. My mother was outraged, she didn’t know what to do, so she took my sisters and I and began to walk; we walked into a metropolitan area where there were a lot of buses, cars, and people. My mother came upon a bus that was full of American tourists. So my mother used the fragments of English that she knew and they took us to our destination. After that, we lived in Greece for two years until we came to America. When we arrived to America I was three years old, and my family and I have lived in the United States ever since.

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