Up in the Mountains

December 7, 2008
Many people say that Colorado is and amazing place. It is full of breath taking sights, and is a great place to go for anyone who likes the outdoors. There are around 45 mountains that are over 14,000 feet in elevation. Also, there are many species of animals that live in Colorado that you can see almost nowhere else in the world.
Last summer was my first visit to Colorado. Whenever you cross into Colorado, the land starts to become steeper and steeper and hilly as you near the mountains. The first time you see the Rockies is incredible. There aren't words to decribe the feeling.
We stayed in a cabin pretty close to a big park called Estes Park. The air up there is much thinner than where I live, so it takes some getting used to. Our cabin was really cool because it was completely fenced in, with a big gate in the front. There was a big creek flowing through the backyard. The backyard was awesome because there was a huge fire pit in the middle of a stone patio with chairs all around it, perfect for cool nights sitting around the fire.
We decided to stay there for a week, so that we had enough time to do some of the fun things there. On the first two days, we decided to try and get used to the altitude, so we spent that time exploring Estes Park and sight seeing. For the third day, we weren't completely used to the altitude, so we just did a few easy hikes and some more sight seeing. On the forth day, we spent that in a city called Boulder. We saw the downtown, and went shopping, and had a lot of fun. By the fifth day, we decided to try something a bit harded, so we went kayaking. Eventually we had to stop because the water was freezing cold, and flipping was very easy. As we approached the end of the week, I was kind of sad. On the sixth day, we were all pretty tired, so we went horseback riding around dusk. After about 2 hours of riding, we stopped and had a real cowboy cookout and had steak and mashed potatoes. It was incredible watching the sun setting over the mountains and illuminating the millions of trees surrounding us. On the last day, we cleaned up, and went on a couple hikes during the afternoon.
The next morning, we woke up early and headed back home. I had a great time in Colorado. I made a lot of memories, and really enjoyed the time I spent there. I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience the great feeling of being up in the mountains.

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