Camp and...Cumbia?

February 4, 2009

This summer I went to a camp surrounded by cerros of trees and roads like curving black fissures. It was one of the best weeks of my life, not only because I got to learn many things about becoming a better leader, but because I got to do something that I wouldn't dare to do in front of 230 other people with a different cultural background than me. I got to show them the way I dance cumbia.
The first cumbia that ever existed was gaitero music. This music came from the Caribean coast region of Colombia. Gaitero music has been changing over the years and now is the root of all modern cumbia, which I love. After I did the talent show at camp, I felt good because I got to show the people a different type of culture than their own. They like it; I felt proud. I have always been shy about teaching and showing people with a different cultural background these types of dances: cumbia, merengue, duranguense, etc' But when I came back from camp just 43 days had passed before my friend's quincea'era and I decided to help her for her surprise dance. The party was on August 30. It was a short time to learn two dances but we did it. It was really fun because we dance,'la colegiala' for cumbia and another song for merengue. Now I have more confidence about the Diversity Assembly at my school. The Diversity Assembly is a talent show in our school; I go there to show my culture. Excited different. Students and teachers learn and understand more about them and their culture.

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