First day in the big USA

December 8, 2008
And this huge garage looks like another house,
It is just standing there in our backyard,
And looking enormous with its two doors, one bigger than the other

Clouds play hide and seek with the sun,
But the mist isn’t a good outsider,
And obscures anything more than one mile away,

You can only anticipate the cars,
Because of their noisy engines,
In the distance a neighborhood kid yells after his mum,

New people, new life, new friends, new family,
The whole situation is like,
Getting thrown in cold water.

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TheBlueGirl said...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 9:32 pm

I would feel just like you described it "Getting thrown in cold water" if i had to move to another country. You're brave, i don't think i could do the whole new family, new life, new people. I would feel like an alien, a stranger. I like feeling safe. 

But in the other hand it'd be nice to get to know how other people lived. how they where and experience the a whole new theme/environment in you life.  It would be awesome 

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