The Trip

April 16, 2014
By , Fort Riley, KS
Alright, you guys ready. Yeah. I guess. Let’s go!

Man, that plane ride sucked. I couldn’t sleep at all. That’s easy for you to say. I was stuck next to a crying baby. Anyways guys, I’ll go get our bags. Try to find a taxi will ya. Alright, let’s go.

Whew, it is humid as crap here on this island. Man, quit whining! It was hot in Florida as well. Yeah, but not as humid though. Here, it’s like walking through water. Are you coming or are you just gunna stand there like a fool. Hahaha, you’re funny! Hold up, let me turn my phone off before it dies. Hurry up, Barry, you take forever to put them bags in. Well, you come over here and try to put them in, if you think you can do it. What’re you talking bout, “ I think I can do it”? I can do anything. See, how hard was that. Yeah, yeah, just shut-up and get in the car.
Okay guys, we’re at the Hotel Plaza. Chris, can you carry the bags inside real quick. Yeah, sure. Thanks. Come on you two. Let’s head over to the receptionist.

Guys, look at this! Our rooms are number 204 and 407. Jeez, I thought you were going to get rooms relatively close together. Well, I’m sorry, but the hotel screwed up our reservations. Oh my god, we have to walk a mile to get to our rooms. Be quiet, John! You have an elevator next to your room, while Sam and I have to walk the stairs. Well, that makes it better, but we’re still very high up. Okay. Well, she said that your room, I guess, has a balcony. You know what, I’ll just stop complaining because that’s good enough for me. Finally something that meets your standards! Guys, don’t forget that in an hour or so, dinner will be served down at the restaurant. See you two there in a little bit.

How is your guy’s room? The room is great, that balcony man, I’m telling you, the view is amazing. I bet. We also have an aquarium in the room. Well than, how bout we switch rooms. Naw, I’m good, I ain’t leaving that room, I may not leave at all. Well, your gunna have to tomorrow. Why’s that? What are we doing tomorrow? Well we’re all going skydiving. No we’re not. Yes we are. There’s a skydiving place here. Yep, got the tickets right here to do it. Man, that is cool, never skydived before. Well this should be a fun experience. I can’t wait. How bout you two. I’m ready. Same here, I am a bit afraid of heights though, but not too much. You’re afraid of heights. Not that much. Haha, well do you want to go. Yeah, of course I want to go, never went skydiving before, this’ll be my first time. Well it’s good that it’s both of yall’s first time. It is fun. Anyways lets head over to the magic show down by the beach so that’ll be interesting hmm. Hehe, all magic is fake. I know but it’s cool to watch. Yeah, I guess. Alright lets go then.

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