April 15, 2014
By Valuurie BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
Valuurie BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
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Every other day I see him. His dusty orange hair and his monotone voice like that commercial for eye clearing drops. It annoys me every second I am in that classroom just because of him .I hate the days I am in there, But despite that I have to pull through. Until one day I couldn’t take it anymore. It started like a normal Wednesday until I got chosen to be in his group. I was praying and begging to God that I wouldn’t, but as I suspected there she went called my name like somehow God knew, maybe he did… I tried to keep calm but even with just looking at him I raged. Then he began to talk like he usually does. Thinking he knows everything like mister know it all. We got picked to do a Spanish script what a coincidence right? I felt a little offended since I am Hispanic. We began to practice as usual. I’ll have you know that not everything that starts with a “B” in Spanish is burrito, so as he thought. I guess I couldn’t give my opinion or correct him since he speaks Spanish right, so he thought.

I guess I couldn’t correct him since he already knows Spanish right. I let him do it his way. I thought to myself if he knows everything let him make a fool out of himself. His criticism began to flow off his tongue like water as we began to rehearse. He said “why should I care I am not Mexican I am German. Why should I do this script? “I thought to myself why it had to come down to this. I began to say in a raged voice “don’t insult me and my culture because I have not said a single word against you.” At the end of the class he began to speak as usual one of my friends went over to him and said “if you have a problem with Mexicans then I have a problem with you.” He didn’t seem to care as much as I did. I couldn’t believe how he was so against the thought of saying sorry. I had a feeling that we would go nowhere with this.

I never understood why things happened the way they did. Maybe it was a signal that God was sending me and I was not getting the memo. Like always I never understand anything, but what he was telling me the entire negative comments that was little of the many times that I actually did understand what someone was telling me for once. That time I had a very clear message where he was going with this I could easily infer.

I quite didn’t know what was happening it was all happening too fast. It is one of the times that were your rage talks to you not really you. You don’t really need to think it’s a natural reaction. Till this day I don’t exactly remember what happened exactly or what he said. Tons of words came out of his mouth but I will never forget how they pierced through my skin as if he had stabbed me.

The author's comments:
It is a real life story of something that happened to me not to long ago.

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