When Can I See Aurora Borealis?

December 1, 2013
I have this burning desire. It is to see aurora borealis. Unfamiliar with what I'm refering to? Aurora borealis are the skylights in Alaska that appear during the nighttime in winter. I'm curious as to whether being in their presence is as magnificent as I imagine. Is aurora borealis so memorable and breathtaking that I'll remember it for my entire life? Or are they simply colors that appear on the sky, completely normal and unordinary to any native Alaskan? I have no idea. I live thousands of miles away from this phenomenon and it's a dream of mine to witness it one day. Alaska fascinates me in general; it's infinite amount of fresh air, wilderness, mountains, snow, and creatures amaze me. Perhaps Alaska's flaws would make it a difficult place to flaunt as an ideal vacation spot. However, I want to experience the sole beauty of aurora borealis, and it alone.

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