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November 1, 2013
By hisham99 BRONZE, Salem, New Hampshire
hisham99 BRONZE, Salem, New Hampshire
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Here I am in the car off to Boston to catch my plane ride with my brother, we were heading of to Madrid,Spain for a couple weeks. As me and my brother were passing the security and the metal detector my brother forgot to take his belt off so the metal detectors went off, so we had to wait a while to see what metal thing my brother had. After that I turn and see only 1 carry on bag not 2 I had mine but where was my brothers bag, I turn around to ask him were is your bag and he tells me “ I don't know” which got me mad cause I said we haven't even left the airport and he lost his bag. So I went back to the security- metal detector place and there it was lying on the floor. So I picked up the bag and gave it to him and said this time make sure you keep it with you at all times. So when we had that conversation it was time to get on the plane I put the luggage in the spot there supposed to be in. When i went to sit I saw my brother took my seat which is the window seat, which got me mad cause I asked him to get out of my spot and he already made me made in the airport so after 2 minutes of arguing I let him take the seat. Just when we settled down and sat down to relax some beautiful brown eyed- brown hair college girl came up to us and said my brother is sitting in her spot so I jumped out my seat and told my brother to get out and let her sit in her spot but my brother went to the girl and said “I want to sit next to my brother can u sit in my spot” and she said yea so she took his spot which got me mad because I was supposed to sit in the window seat which was mine and he took it and I was suppose to sit next to a beautiful girl for 7 hours and he took that away to. So after all that commotion we were up in the air just when I closed my eyes my brother woke me up and that was it I lost my temper I started yelling at him until everybody looked at me and him, and for the rest of the plane ride he just sat down and listened to his music which made me feel better and relaxed until we landed in Madrid and my uncle picked us up, when we arrived at his house my brother went back to his normal hyper self when he was with my cousins, after 3 weeks it was time to go to Morocco so we drove from Madrid,Spain to Casablanca,Morocco for 18 hours and a 2 hour boat ride but it was good cause my brother slept for half the ride. So that was my vacation and my fights with my brother.

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