Modern Proposal

October 22, 2013
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For being born with the same parts To being a part of society but also being separated from the sinful world and being a disgrace, that the women even judges you.

We accept the love of the black guy and the little “innocent” white girl but curse the two men. Banish the two successful men or women for their love for each other and praise the man who beats his woman. God knows who his children are but yet, you still speak for Him. “Judge not and you will not be judged,”—who’s sinning now? Imagine the most handsome guy you’ve ever seen walk right pass you to the guy beside you. He kisses him. You stomach turns doesn’t it? Guys on the other hand love to see a little girl on girl action but are left crying, listening to the latest Drake song when she left him for a girl.

Lord forbid the acceptance of this disgrace. Send them all to Pluto. Get them away. We all know where they’re going anyway, right? Better yet, let’s create a new planet named “Hell’s Kitchen.” Send then off and make them suffer to be successful together, away from society who’s too ignorant to comprehend. There’ll be a big grand opening. The governor will even come to cut the big rainbow colored ribbon. We’ll even build a big hell pit in the middle of the grand hall to remind them everyday where they’ll spend their afterlife. You better live it up now.

Firstly, each individual will obviously be surrounded by duplicates of themselves. It’s the beginning of the place they’ll spend eternity, anyhow. Secondly, they’ll be alone with no rules. Who is society to tell them who they are in the first place? Lastly, but most importantly, it’ll take away the only sinners in this world, poisoning the Earth.

On the other hand, reproduction will stop and the teenage twerking videos will finally come to an end. Homosexuals are great people to be around. They’re always happy and ready to have fun. The way they dance is completely priceless. No matter what you say about them, they still keep a smile on their face and they give Homophobes a job to do—keeping up with them. Who wouldn’t love all of the attention? We all bleed the same and have feelings as well. Who are we to tell someone to stop being attracted to another individual or to dress a certain way?

In conclusion, banish the peasants for loving one another and sharing the same interests. Exclude them from this world due to the ignorance of people who sin in many other different ways every day. It’s not the plan for them to be together but yet, do we really know what the real reason of being on this Earth is?

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