Being Hungarian (Part 1)

September 25, 2013
By BrandonT GOLD, West Newton, Pennsylvania
BrandonT GOLD, West Newton, Pennsylvania
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What does it mean to be Hungarian? this a question that has bombarded my mind for a long time. I have finally figured it out. To be Hungarian is to be a part of a rich and diverse cultural lineage. The Magyars came from the Ural Mountains and The Huns came from Mongolia. We have our own mythology, language, folk tales, folk art, and unique food. In this article we will focus on the mythology. Most of what we know of Hungarian mythology comes from what survived the Christian scourge. The following is a list of Hungarian gods, goddesses, and spirits:
-Isten: The creator god and ruler of the gods.
-Boldogasszony: The goddess of motherhood and childbirth.
-Hadur: God of war and the blacksmith of the gods.
-Napkiraly: God of the sun.
-Szelkiraly: The god of Wind, rain, and storms.
-Turul: A great bird, resembling a falcon. It was the messenger of the gods, the protector of all Hungarian/Magyar people, and the keeper of the unborn children.

The author's comments:
I want to inspire people to discover their heritage, because it truly is who they are.

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