Footprints in the Sand

September 22, 2013
By kharrison BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
kharrison BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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"SHARK", everyone exclaimed! Everyone in the world has one place where they can go to escape all there worries. Growing up in Clearwater, Florida the beach was always my one place that cured all of my problems. When I'm at the beach all I can feel is the comfort and happiness bursting inside of me. I have never felt so secure and seen so much beauty like I do when I'm at the beach.

While I wander along the beach, the salty air bursts into my nose and I feel the smooth white sand underneath my feet. I look around and see friends playing volleyball, diving and kicking of the sand, baseballs going from one glove to another, families laughing about a seagull swooping down and taking turkey sandwiches out of their picnic basket, the screaming of a mom telling her son not to go too far into the ocean, little kids walking along the oceans edge stopping ever so often to dig into the sand to see what they can find, a bubbly border collie bouncing in between the waves to cool off, people casting their bait off of Pier 60, the smell of the tanning lotion in the air, the blowing of the lifeguards whistles, and the taste of a strawberry lemonade is as sweet as candy. As I walk farther along the beach I begin to notice the way the crystals look like there dancing on top of the water. The gritty sand between my toes is a soothing sensation. The rolling clear blue waves are breathtaking but yet so mysterious. The cloudless blue sky is like a picture of quiet serenity. All of a sudden, I hear the squawking of a seagull zooming over my head and I begin to realize dusk has hit. The sky has turned into a bright orange with a hint of pink. The sun begins to set and I stroll farther along the beach. As I look into the sunset, I see sailboats on the horizon. The beautiful view of the clear blue water and the sunset could make anyone go weak in their knees.

The scenery of the beach overwhelms me with comfort. I drift into my thoughts as I lie there on the beach. Even though life everyday brought me stress and worries, the beach somehow made life seem so flawless. I could always count on the soothing rhythm of the waves crashing against the shore and the cloudless sky that I could watch for hours. The colors of the sky are like nothing I've ever seen before. The breathtaking views bring me to my knees and I wonder if anything could be as beautiful as here. Hundreds of miles away from Cumming, Georgia, there is no place I would rather spend all my hours. It was the one place I could always go to for comfort. No place has ever given me as much comfort and peace. No place could ever make me feel as secure. No place could ever give me the feeling of home except Clearwater beach.

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