My First Love

September 12, 2013
All people come from different settings, different backgrounds, with different beliefs and different views on society and life. All people are born with dreams and desires; they are searching for a reason to wake up in the morning with a purpose. We all demand a purpose to be happy, a purpose for life, and purpose for being who we are.

I am young, but I have been blessed with the burden of already distinguishing my purpose. I am meant to travel. I am meant to see the world. I yearn to explore the different cultures that lie within the seven billion different people sharing this same planet. I have no doubt in my mind that I will travel the globe and behold the most breathe taking views that could ever be witnessed. My journey has already begun, but I am far from done.

Four months ago, I set out on the most incredible adventure of my life. I could barely contain my emotions while entering the outlandish airport. My eyes wandered, examining everything, missing nothing. I was jumping out my skin while waiting to board the plane. This experience had been something I had dreamt of for as long as I could remember. After enduring the nine dreadful hours on the plane, I finally set foot in the radiant city of Rome, Italy.

I had never seen a place so extravagant. I’d never traveled down such winding roads. The streets did not intersect each other, they flowed. One street became the next, I was easily lost but who could complain? How could you be lost in a place so beautiful? Everywhere was the right place to be, there was no wrong destination. The movies I had seem gave no justice, pictures only showed a piece of the amazing puzzle that was Rome. Of course I visited the typical tourist destinations. I walked amongst the grounds that had once been the destination of ruthless fights amongst gladiators. I strolled through the churches painted by the most incredible artists of time such as Michelangelo. I captured the most intriguing photos with the Swiss Guards. These moments, although unbelievable, where not what made this the most eye opening experiences I could ever have imagined. Contrary to what most people, it was not the Trevi fountain that made the trip worthwhile. The extravagant mountains on the way to visit Pompeii mesmerized me. I fell head over heals for the flow of the Tiber river and all of its elegance. The intricate stonework built into the architecture surrounding me from under my feet all through the walls made me feel as if I were in a place made by the Gods. I never wanted to leave but alas, my week in heaven had come to an end and it was my time to return home.

Earlier, I explained that I had been blessed with a burden and it is this that I am refereeing. I was made to travel the world and I see no other future in store for me. This expedition only added air to my fire that is to see the world. However, no matter what mountain I climb, river I swim, city I view, I will always end homeward bound. I will always be searching for my next destination but for how long can I continue this way? Everyone needs a home to be welcomed to, a place to call their own. Where will mine lie? This fear is but in the back of my mind and is for now a minor speed bump. All I know for sure is that my first love is Rome, and if that is where my heart will stay than it is not a question of where my home lies but how long it will take for me to return there.

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