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August 18, 2013
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The city of temples- Madurai has changed a lot since I last visited it.
From the breath-taking towers of Madurai Meenakshi Temple to the amazing cuisines, the city of Madurai offers a big range of awesome things to be felt.
To me the majesty of the Meenakshi Temple is truly inspiring, as its a huge question as to how they constructed these sky-high towers during a time when there were no machinery to lift up these huge pieces of stones!! And the most spectacular part of the temple to me is the amazing art works on its walls and the amazing art work the temple itself is as a whole. The vivid and colourful paintings seems nothing less than real. It truly makes me a big fan our ancient cultures and traditions and the unmatched talents of that time..
I would really love to add some of my knowledge about Madurai, its history, places to be visited and the best of what Madurai offers as a City of Temples, but I don't think that I will finish it in one post.
Right now I would rather love to share a few thoughts that struck me when I was there. I could see how the people there are in peace and happiness inside the temple, and the way it spreads into us..Though at first I thought its my crazy mind thinking so, but later I realised that my mom who mostly finds out a reason to worry seemed so glad, peaceful and secure.
I don't know if its the presence of Gods or the mental structuring this magnificent structure gives us, that takes away the insecurities of the common men, spread in him the fragrances of Bhatis that lifts his soul up and makes his senses clear, atleast for the moment.
I feel that the traditions that would help us construct a civilized and united society should be given a thumps-up(may it will help us build a better world ), but the funny thing is that now-a-days its hard to find out what the true form of traditions are..!!
And the biggest question is even if we find them, will we find time for it...????
In this breathless run we make for something which we do not question to know what it is, is really taking away the goodness we were build with, and its making dim the light of the hope we have for a WORLD which is 'OURS' .....

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