Animals of the Amazon

May 12, 2013
Whether it is a hoot in the trees or a rustle in the leaves when you're in the amazon you'll be surrounded by enticing noises and many different animals. Animals from the amazon are some of the most beautiful unique animals in the world. From endangered species to poisonous ones or just common animals you'll be amazed by the sights you can see.

The jaguar is one of the most common animals in the Amazon that you will almost be assured that when step into this beautiful tropical forest you will end up stumbling across this majestic cat. The jaguar is South America’s largest big cat living there now. The cats can live 12-15 years on average.Jaguars are usually a tan or a light orange color with black spots that are called rosettes because of their shape similar roses. All information is sited from “National Geographic’s Jaguar.” Toucans are another very common animal of the amazon with their bright colored beaks they are hard to miss. Their bills are 7.5 inches long on the average and consist of beautiful yellows reds and dark blacks. The bill looks like it would be used for survival against the other animals but actually the bill is more known to be used as its feeding tool. It will help the bird reach onto trees too weak to support their weight to get the fruits and morsels they are trying to get to. Cited from National Geographic Toucans. All Common animals have one special predator they will always have to watch out for, the poisonous animals of the amazon.

The amazon has many deadly creatures many of which are extremely poisonous. The poison dart frogs is a poisonous frog from the Amazon, which is also called the poison arrow frog. The dart frog has diet consisting mainly of small insects, such as ants and termites. The poison dart frog is brightly colored to warn their prey, and caution them to stay away. All information was cited from Amazoina, Poison Dart Frogs. One of the most poisonous or dangerous animals in the amazon Rainforest’s Expedition's says would have to come down to the mosquito although it is not poisonous many carry dangerous diseases that if not treated may potentially kill you.

Many animals in the amazon are slowly disappearing one by one, they sink into the forest where hardly any will be found. Green Buzz’s article says that the top these are some of the top reasons for many of the animals disappearing are, hunting and fishing, pollution, and destruction of their homes. The golden lion tamarin monkey is just one of these animals starting to become invisible. There is estimated only about 800 of them left today. This monkey is the smallest monkey in the world and have beautiful reddish brown fur that is extremely silky. There fur is what has brought them to extinction, poachers can kill them and get a whopping $20,000 for there one fur. Information cited from Hub Pages, Endangered animals in the Rainforest.
Walking into the amazon you'll see many different things, common animals, or deadly ones, and maybe if you're in the right place at the right time, an animal close to extinction. So whether its a hoot in the trees, or a rustle in the leaves when step foot in the Amazon you'll be amazed. Maybe you will never get the amazing privilege to walk on the ground of amazon or climb the trees there but now you can imagine it with a whole different view.

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