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May 10, 2013
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With trees of dancing emerald, and an azure quilt laid upon the top of the world. Looking out of the of the valley, realising how rare these moments of quiet are. With the rich natural history expertly hidden within the stones from the belligerent human eye. This is Horse Pens 40, up above the world sheltered by trees and height. Protected from the industrialized world of corporate America.Horse Pens 40
If I remember correctly the main use for Horse Pens 40 in the 1800’s was hiding horses. Due to the need for cavalry and infantry throughout the American Civil War, horses could be taken for military use. The originality of each stone face that points toward the front of the National Park was to ensure that neither Hide nor tail could be seen of the beasts hidden within. There is no chance to feel the beauty of the stone and natural amphitheatre. This beckoned the outdoor bluegrass concerts that so often take place.

With the truly breath taking views, whether it be from the look-out, or climbing the Stones that form natures original jungle gym, it brings out your inner child. Trees of green flashing their emerald topiary that contrast magnificently with the neutral browns and tans that coat their lower half. The look out gives you a glimpse of the valley below Chandlers Mountain to entertain the fantasy of flying as the wind blows through your hair. This gives a great cool down after running around, jumping between boulders, and climbing up the slumbering dragons back. The way the stones had formed gave them the look of the ancient Serpents that ruled the sky.
Not to mention the fact of relaxing with a glass of sweet tea, talking with the family in their picnic area. It is the chance of a lifetime, and there is also the opportunity to camp. Just be wary of rattlesnakes and you’re good. Have you ever seen the Alabaman night sky while sitting around a campfire?
With scenery, history,and activities to last through the ages, seeing this marvel of a park is a chance not to be missed. The last traces of untouched natural beauty, ready for the average citizen to take a hold of their connections in the great outdoors. So that you may see the history held within by the ancient stones. Horse Pens 40 is constantly changing but captures the senses as if it was just discovered.

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