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May 10, 2013
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Sprawled out on a beach chair, hearing the waves wash up on the sand, the occasional breeze blowing over you, a moment of relief from the hot sun. That is Puerto Rico, a stress free place. From the food to the beaches and wonderful culture . This is a great family friendly vacation spot unlike some other warm tropical places. A great place to be if you are willing to embrace the culture and try new things, I think that is how you will really get the full experience of any vacation.

Food trucks and Puerto Rican restaurants are the way to eat in Puerto Rico. To some people roadside food stands might sound a bit sketchy and some are but most are so delicious. One of the best foods there, was Pinchos. Which is either chicken or pork on a skewer, so good! Another food truck we stopped at after a long day at the beach and had pizza, some of the best pizza I have ever had! The best way to enjoy the food there is to simply try new things and food true to Puerto Rico.
When going to a new place like Puerto Rico you need to be open to new things. One of the days I was there we went to Old San Juan, which has a lot of culture. The city is so beautiful with the ocean view and the old cobblestone streets. I would recommend eating there and all the little shops are wonderful. The only downside is in order to get there you must take the ferry from San Juan. Which quite frankly is a bit disgusting but do not be discouraged it is definitely worth it to enjoy Old San Juan!

Puerto Rico itself is absolutely stunning. The crystal clear water and white warm sand. When my family was there we stayed in Dorado. Dorado is about thirty to forty-five minutes rom the capitol San Juan. I am glad we stayed there and not in the main city San Juan because of the pollution in San Juan. We landed in the airport in San Juan and comparing it to Dorado it seemed more polluted. All of the beaches in Dorado were great. Even the public beaches off the resort property were very well kept up and clean. The locals on the beaches are very friendly and concerned about your safety. The water is great for snorkeling because it is so clear. I saw many fish and even some starfish.

It was very hard to leave the stress free island life behind when it was time to head back to chilly Minnesota. But I enjoyed my time in Puerto Rico very much! At first I was a little reserved and hesitant to go out and try new things but everything I ended up experiencing was so worth it. Culture, beaches, and food are just a few amazing things of Puerto Rico.

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