Just Take a Chance

May 10, 2013
By MorganT BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
MorganT BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Sitting squished between my aunt and cousin, just about ready to take off. I chomp my watermelon gum and close my eyes tight. I am trying to calm myself down because I can’t stop thinking that in only a few moments I would be flying over the ocean on the way to Norway. I knew I couldn’t look out the window so I just sat there and waited. Those long eight hours felt never ending but when I arrived everything was completely worth it.

When I got to Norway everything was so different. The colors, sights, people, food, and even the clothes we all new to me. I was overly excited yet I also wanted to go home because I missed the familiar surroundings. While being in Norway I knew my plane ticket to go back home wasn’t going valid for another eight days so why not relax and just go with the flow. I was in a completely new place for me so why not try new things while I am there.

The biggest difference for me was the food. The first night I was there I ordered what looked like lasagna because I could not read the menu. It was lasagna indeed but for one am not used to goat cheese and reindeer meat. I am a very picky eater but I knew I couldn’t go all week without eating so I forced myself to try new foods that are not in my norm and ended up being amazed by the good flavors in some meals. On the other hand, I did try a few dishes that did not please me. I knew they would not before I began to eat but still decided to take a bite anyways because my ancestors for many generations lived off of these types of food.

The reason my family and I went to Norway was to see where our ancestors lived on the family farm. Many generations ago my grandfather came to America with his neighbors. I realized when I was in Norway, there were many towns who took the name of a family who lived in the area. Many of the names I recognized because they are the last names who live in my area. I personally think it was rather cool that the family and friends who once lived near each other many generations ago still live by each other in two completely different areas of the world.
While I was on the plane ride home, all of a sudden it hit me. This vacation may not have been “fun in the sun on a beach” kind of way, but it was certainly fun. I came to the conclusion that Norway really opened my eyes and taught me how to be open minded, the differences in culture, and even about where my roots lay. This only happened because I took a chance and conquered my fears of flying over the ocean.

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