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May 10, 2013
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Travelling is important to many people. For some people, travelling means means huge beaches, exotic restaurants, and spending large amounts of money. For me, travelling simply means going to a place I’ve never been before and experiencing life in ways that I don’t while at home. For example, my favorite travel location is Kidron, Ohio. It’s a small town in Ohio where a few of my distant relatives live, and I travelled there when I was younger. I remember the car ride over, the woods I explored, and the fun times I had at my cousins house.

The car ride over to Kidron was about a 24-hour round trip, so It got a little boring sometimes. The change of scenery was pretty noticeable, but it wasn’t very exciting. But after being in the car for what seemed like forever, we finally arrived in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Kidron, the sign read, population: 944. We drove around the town, astounded by the simple life we saw before us. Kidron is a mostly amish town, so the cars shared the roads with horses, and there appeared to be a cattle auction going on. We then got out of the car to meet some of our relatives who were waiting for us at the auction.

When we met my cousin at the auction, my parents went off to find my other relatives and my cousin and me decided to go hang out at his house. On the way to his house, we saw these woods along the road. We decided to go exploring the woods. It was so cool and relaxing, walking through these shady woods, hearing my cousin talk about life in Kidron, how he lives out on a farm and all he does all day is play video games and hunt. We finally reached the end of the woods, and we started heading towards his house.

When we got to his house, we immediately decided to play some video games. We set up two laptops and played “Half-Life” on a Lan server. When we got bored of that, he asked if I wanted to go target shooting. I said sure, and we went to go get two rifles to shoot at a target range he had set up behind his barn. Since I wasn’t used to firing rifles, he gave me a bolt-action .22 rifle, which is quieter and has less kick than most hunting rifles. After that, we went on a ride on his two four-wheelers. It was raining at this point and it was so fun riding through the field at high speeds with the cool rain coming down. Once it started flashing lightning, though, we decided to go back inside. After an hour or so, his father came home to take us to a house where we were having a big party with all of our relatives. After a few days of staying at a hotel, we started the long trip back home.

To this day, I remember the 24 hour car ride, the adventure through the forest, and the fun time spent at my cousin’s house, along with a lot of other memories of this great town. Going to Kidron, Ohio is definitely my idea of a worthwhile vacation.

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