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April 7, 2013
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I have never felt so alive when I took a deep breath of the fresh Seattle air. The Public Market or “Pikes Place” is a place that brings back the most memories with a picture-perfect scene in my head. The Public Market has so many sounds and smells that people will cherish.

As I arrived and got out of the car, the cool breeze carried a smell of roasting coffee beans. The rich aroma of the 1st Starbucks caught my attention. My mother, sister and I hurried into the warm Starbucks while my father went to the parking lot. As we got into the store, we realized that it was very busy. People were asking for more syrup, the baristas were scuffling from the storage room and quickly grinding coffee beans. The store was very loud and busy. All we wanted to do was to take a picture inside the shop. Somehow we ended up getting a picture and we walked out the store.
A cool breeze passed us by that carried a vibrant fragrance of flowers. My mom was stunned when we walked into the entrance of the market. The fresh lively flowers greeted us with a sweet fragrance. On one side of the market, the row was full with flower shops. And on the other side there were many bakeries and many fruit shops. As we went upstairs, we saw many pawn shops and antique stores. What caught my eye was a basketball card shop. I hurried into the shop. The small store was covered with basketball cards. I saw one card that was a Kobe Bryant autographed card and I really wanted it. It would be a dream-come-true if I could only just have it. I looked at the card and flipped it around and the price was labeled, “$250”. Not a chance. So I just put it down. Then a radiant card caught my attention in another corner. It was a 22-karat gold Michael Jordan card sealed in a clear case. I was amazed. I flipped over the case and it was on sale for 50 bucks! I asked my dad and he said no at first but then I kept on begging him and the store owner brought the price down to 40 bucks because nobody ever comes to his store. So we bought it. I was a happy boy. All I wanted to do was to just go home and display it on my collection of NBA basketball cards. So then afterwards we went downstairs and my mom was looking at some fresh fish at the market. The smell of the fish was nasty. So I quickly ran outside of the nasty smelling area and went to a hotdog shop. I asked for the original hotdog they had because it was the cheapest. I put lots of relish and onions on it with ketchup and mustard. It tasted so good. As I was eating my hotdog, I sat down on a green grass field where some people had picnics. Mt. Rainier caught my attention when a large plane flew by. It was probably a Boeing 747. The smell of mustard and onion slipped away as another cool breeze carried the smell of the ocean straight up my nose. I looked out into the Puget Sound.
That was the last thing I could remember. These events and actions were one of the most memorable things that I have ever done. I still think of Seattle today in Thailand where I am now and wish to smell the ocean and the fresh breeze that carries the roasting coffee into the air.

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