Hidden Magic

February 28, 2013
By MissSunshine SILVER, Walnut Creek, California
MissSunshine SILVER, Walnut Creek, California
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Patches of sunshine broke their way through the layers of mist. The faint outline of the beautiful wetlands emerged. The first one to awaken, a colorful toucan stood proudly and looked out as his homeland. A traffic jam, families of capybaras struggled to start off the day properly. Melodious and harmonic, the birds of Brazil began their morning performance. Flower petals confused themselves with butterflies, and dragonflies quarreled amongst each other. Out of generosity, an emerald shrub protected a herd of complaining deer. This is an ecosystem, a collaboration of species, and most importantly a home for the most beautiful creatures on Earth.
Tranquility started off the day, however anxiety was soon to come. The predators of the water hoped for a quick morning snack, and waited lazily for their next victim to appear. As a golden pirahna swam by, the desperate caimain lunged towards it. Entrapping the fish between its mighty jaws, the reptile carried on to devour its first meal of the day. Hidden behind a crevice in the rocks, an aggressive anaconda waited for the right moment to strike. Just as the caimain began to swallow his meal, the anaconda zipped through the dense water and strangled the startled creature. Flashes of dark green skin, yellow scales, and black patterns appeared as the caimain fought for his life and the snake fought for her prey. Exhaustion commanded the anaconda to untangle itself from the caiman. Once the crowd of frightened fish reassured themselves that the battle was over, life went back to normal under the water.
Behind a Copaifera tree, a camoflauged, male jaguar stared off into the distance. He was not hungry, ill, or thirsty. He was lonely. Soon, excitement flooded his veins as he sniffed the air to make out the marking of a female’s urine. The jaguar could hear a faint ruffling of the leaves, and concluded that his potential mate was nearby. His beady, black eyes shot towards the small meow coming from the river. Elegantly surfacing from the water, the female jaguar seemed to be interested in the other jaguar. Wanting to impress her, the male stood up and fixed his lousy posture. It was love at first sight, and the male jaguar was no longer alone.

Till today, this nature-filled place is a mystery to many. From the rainbow parakeets to the friendly honeybees, there is no place in the world as magical as this one.

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