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March 2, 2013
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Chicago presents its citizens with a variety of entertainment sites and an abundance of tourist attractions. First and foremost, Chicago consists of the extraordinary Lake Michigan. Thus, its citizens are awarded with a numerous amount of lovely beaches throughout the city. In fact, during the summer, the lake is the most prominent and densely populated zone in Chicago. My greatest satisfaction in the summer is visiting nearby beaches, and cherishing the hot, mellow weather. After a long, wearied winter, I can ultimately relish Chicago's sunny weather while sitting in the heated up sand, and relieving the sweat by jumping in the cool water. In addition, Chicago has a great amount of educative and entertaining museums. Students can investigate concepts in subjects like History, Science, Art, or Architecture more in depth. Nonetheless, these museums are intended for people who enjoy perceiving aesthetic works of art, or simply want to discover new places in the city. Museums, such as the Field Museum, have expanded my knowledge in Science and in History. For instance, back in 7th grade we were learning about the planets and the stars; we went on a field trip to the Field Museum and watched a 3D movie that truly helped improve my understanding of those topics with excellent visuals. There are a vast amount of opportunities for visiting educational centers throughout Chicago, and people should take advantage of those sites. Even more importantly, Chicago is fulfilled with grand and precious buildings that create it an attractive city. A very well known building is the Willis Tower; it is a great way to glimpse at the Chicago area from high up in the sky. Buildings and structures, within Chicago, are what captivates tourists into traveling here. To be honest, I am a fond of looking upward and gazing at the massive skyscrapers. I cannot cease myself from looking at that intimidating view. It looks daunting and I seem to always bring out my camera and take a quick photograph. That panorama draws people's attention and it is the image people have when referring to Chicago. Altogether the great areas in Chicago make it an amusing city regardless of its negative effects.

Chicago gives its citizens numerous possibilities of improving their lives. For instance, this city consists of a wide range of job employment opportunities. As compared to other cities, Chicago has the most migrations from immigrants seeking jobs. In fact, it is one of the most well-known cities in the U.S because it gives people more job options, with or without college degrees. When I grow older, I will have higher possibilities of finding a job in Chicago as compared to a small city in the suburbs. I might struggle finding a job that fits my interest, but most likely I will be able to assist the needs of my family. Furthermore, there is nothing more vital than a person's health. Going to a doctor can be highly expensive if you do not have insurance. Therefore, the government grants low income citizens with free health care programs to take care of their health. Although exceptions apply to those who have a high income, there are still various opportunities for the higher earning citizens to acquire insurance. Without these free government health-care programs, my family wouldn't be able to support us with doctors, dentists, or with medicine. My family has even been awarded with WIC, a government program that contributes food to your family, yet only for children less than 5 years of age. Thus I am a healthy fellow due to the opportunities my family has received from this city. Most importantly, Chicago consists of several prestigious universities. Students from all over the world are competing for these notable universities; the most distinguished universities are UIC, Northwestern, and Loyola. Nonetheless, these highly prominent universities give plenty of students an opportunity to be someone superior in life and be successful. Regardless of the competition taking effect in these universities, I am working towards my dream: to get into Northwestern, with whatever it takes. I am fortunate to live in Chicago because I get to stay within my hometown and I am able to assist an Ivy League school. As a result, tuition is dramatically lower for an in-state student. Chicago will allow me to obtain and accomplish my big goal and have a prosperous future. Indeed, Chicago is a dazzling city, yet we must value the ample amount of opportunities we are given to mend a person's life.

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