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February 18, 2013
By GabrielTheAngel SILVER, Erie, Pennsylvania
GabrielTheAngel SILVER, Erie, Pennsylvania
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What is culture? Is it religion, family trees, the clothes you ware? My name Is Gabriel and i would like to share my culture and travelling experiences letting you see a little of my culture. I would like to talk about Christmas, Easter, and my trip to Canada in this cultural sharing.

My family on my Dad's side is Ukrainian. We are all very proud of being so and on Christmas Eve we are very close. We go to one of my aunts house and everything is very festive. Everyone dresses nice and usually where a collard shirt with a sweater over it. I believe there has been a Christmas Eve party at all of my aunts house including one at my house. Along with dressing the part, almost everyone brings a dish of food or dessert to the party. There are lots of Ukrainian dishes like a cabbage wrap with rice and beans in it. Kapusta is another favorite. It is made up of a bunch of flat squared homemade noodles, with sliced carrots and sauerkraut in it. Along with those, there are perogies, borch, kielbasa sausage, and tea. Pierogi, or "Pidohea" in Ukrainian are dough pouches with mashed potato's inside. Borch is beat soup. It is sometimes served with carrots inside as well. Kielbasa sausage is like a sausage link and s usually served with scalped potato's at these Christmas Eve Parties. Another thing at Christmas, is actually more of a tradition than culture. It is when my family and I all join a circle and hold hands and say prayers for the deaths of loved ones we lost recently. It is quiet for a little but then we all sing Ukrainian songs and it gets better instantly. After the prayer the food will almost be ready and everyone gets ready to eat. Another holiday my family celebrates is Easter.

Easter represents my families culture. On Easter we go to my grandmas house for brunch. We bring homemade bread and homemade jelly for food. My sister and I usually play outside in my Grandmas large yard and also help anyway we can with the cooking and preparations for brunch itself. When brunch is set the table if full of fruit, bread, eggs, juice, and salad. It is not made of much food, but it is quite filling and satisfying. After brunch we go home and paint eggs. Painting hard boiled eggs is one of my families specialties and we take it kind of seriously to be honest. We have lots of kits and guides for designs and decor on eggs and some eggs are distinct, while others are plain. we wait awhile before we eat the eggs. Usually around seven o'clock we turn on the television and watch the ten commandments like every other Easter night.

Going to Canada to visit my Grandmother was defiantly a travelling experience I will remember and is part of my culture along with holidays.

Canada is about five hours away from Pennsylvania but it always goes by so fast playing game sin the car or looking at roadside attractions. The checkpoints I think are fun. What with the people wearing orange vests, blue caps, and all it is hard not to enjoy going through the parts of travel where you are asked all kinds of questions and know that you are getting closer and closer to your destination all the same. My Grandma took us shopping in the city of Toronto where we got bread and all sorts of stuff and i was amazing. We went up in the CN tower and it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

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