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February 13, 2013
It was my very first time to travel to a Latin-American country. It was my fortune that I was selected by SBAF organization to attend conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I was called in letter to attend the conference, I was so excited and the first thing I remembered was the program I watched a few years ago in Travel and Living channel, ‘Motor cycle diaries of Che Guevara.'

I reached my hotel after two hours of travel by bus and there I got a chance to meet students from the different countries who had come to attend conference. My guide told us that we are going to the University of Buenos Aires. Next day when I saw the great University of Buenos Aires I was really excited because I know Che Guevara, the greatest revolutionary leader or terrorist studied here before a half century.

On that day, we discussed several matters on the topic, ‘Facing exponential times’. The one thing that I liked very much in the university is though I am the youngest participant in the conference they treated me with great respect. A girl from Japan becomes a good friend of me and we traveled all around the city and we begin to observe the life style of the native people. The native people treated us gently and at one point, my friend and I began to felt as if we are great journalists.

After three days, I returned home to Utah. The living styles and culture in Latin-America are very much different from the United States of America, especially in education. Strict Discipline was followed in the colleges of Argentina. I really miss my SBAF friends very much and I promised myself, if I got a chance to go there again, I will not surely miss the chance.

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