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December 20, 2012
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Through out my life, I have traveled to Switzerland, Italy, France, Paris, Iceland and Cambodia. They were all different in their own ways and I've made many memories, but what I thought was the most interesting and very different to our culture was Cambodia. Just riding through the city of Phnom Penh, the invironment was hot, crowded, cars going everywhere, and people begging for money. At night was the best. Hearing the honking of cars, lights on everywhere and people walking around, watching everyone come together and doing zumba.

The highlight of the whole trip for me was my near death experience in a monsoon. We were on a boat to go to a beach on an island called Rabbitt Island, but right when we were about half way there, the waves started growing bigger and the rain came down harder. There was this one wave that almost tipped over the boat. My mom just wanted to keep going, but I was so terrified she told the boat driver to turn around. It was the most exciting yet scariest moment of my life, but it was an adventure and a great story to tell people.

Along with the monsoon experience, Cambodia in all was an amazing trip! The culture was especially interesting with the temples, seeing monks walking around in the streets, the smells of different spices mixed with meat, and definetly the clothing and the dress code. You have to show respect wherever you are, so you have to wear pants, or pants that go up to your knees and shirts with sleeves. I would definetly want to go there again and learn more about my culture and my roots.

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