What Makes Duxbury Unique to Me

October 20, 2012
By Alana FitzGerald BRONZE, Duxbury, Massachusetts
Alana FitzGerald BRONZE, Duxbury, Massachusetts
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Duxbury is a town of natural beauty that appeals to all five of the senses. Waking up on a summer morning and opening my windows I hear the songs of the cheerful birds. Making my way outside where the dew on the grass keeps my feet cool while the sun shines down on my head and shoulders. All it takes is a short walk and I am on the beach. The rough sand climbs up through my toes. The air tastes salty in my mouth. I listen as the waves crash down on the shore. A cool breeze sweeps through the air. Shrieks of joy come from the kids jumping off the Bluefish Bridge. Boats are zooming past with water-skiers and tubers in their wake. I look out at the bay and think of how many different colors that scene exhibits. From the icy winter white to the deep sunset tones, the view is never the same. The water feels so smooth as it cools off my hot skin. I love it when the tide splashes up against me causing me to float up and down with every wave. The water makes me feel weightless like a feather floating through the air. My towel feels warm against my wet skin after heating up in the sun. The sand that sticks to my feet is like a photograph sparking a memory of the day. I twirl my salty hair into a bun and off I go.

Nothing completes a perfect beach day than some Farfar's cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone. It is a known fact that every time you go to Farfar's in the summer you will see somebody you know. Whether they are a happy customer or are scooping behind the counter. Personally, I enjoy devouring my ice cream in the back where the benches are. There are benches, however, that are located just about anywhere you would want to sit. As the sun heats up, the ice cream begins to melt down the cone and when I finish eating my hands are sticky and sweet.

As I make my final journey back home I stop to notice some of the small beauties along the way. The first I see is the heron standing so regally in the low tide water at Bluefish. Perched up on one leg, the elegant bird stands still and calm. Its reflection in the surrounding water creates a picturesque moment. Next I notice "The Perfect Tree" across the water. It amazes me how symmetrical and gorgeous this tree is. I love this tree and its simple beauty. I continue along Powder Point and I look at all the spectacular homes. There are the deep set large homes and the adorable capes. Every home is like a person each with its own unique style. I finally make it back home and think back on my day. I realize how much I love to live in such a scenic town. Everything about Duxbury is beautiful in my eyes and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

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