Japan: A Culture Like No Other

September 17, 2012
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There is a country in Asia that will always hold a special place in my heart. Japan is my
favorite place in the world, full of incredible beauty and fantastic wonders beyond the
imagination. From the tall, immaculate buildings of Tokyo to the quiet, elegant gardens of
Shiretoko, Japan has a variety of beautiful places unlike any on earth.

The flashy buildings of Tokyo can be seen from miles away. It’s a great place to go have
fun and experience a fun-loving culture like none other. It’s the home of hundreds of strange and
useful inventions, including digital cameras, portable music players, vacuum cleaners, the Toyota company,
and so much more. These inventions have been milestones in the progression of technology.

The gardens are the most wonderful places in Japan. Delicate bridges cascade beneath a
tunnel of trees, the stream quietly gurgling along as the scent of cherry blossom looms in the air.
The doves of the early morning sing to one another as if they’re making light conversation.
Some sing lugubriously while others sing brightly. Either way, it’s beautiful noise. The velvety
petals of the sweet-smelling flowers sway slowly in the breeze to the rhythm of the dove’s
melodies, seeking the magnificent sun, which is soon to set. The tall mountains and ancient
palaces stand proudly in the distance. Yet within the walls of the gardens, it seems as if life is on
hold, as if time has been paused to allow the traveler more time to explore the unbelievable
beauty of the gardens.
Although Tokyo and the gardens are very different, they are both part of one
magnificent, unique culture with an ancient history. Japan is truly my very favorite place on

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