Travel to the North Pole

August 2, 2012
By GraceWang BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
GraceWang BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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A sudden jerk woke me up from my deep dream. When I stared at the ceiling, I felt dizzy and I wondered where am I? Abruptly , I realized it was the second day of my adventure. As I looked out of the window, all I saw was blinding snowstorm. The only thing I noticed is that the ocean was replaced with a tremendous snowfield. White color took over the whole space in my sight. We was taking an icebreaker from Russia and on my way to the North Pole!
“Attention, please. Everyone please immediately look at your 2 o’clock direction”. Captain voice passed through the speaker.
I quickly rush to the deck with only flip-flops and thin pajamas. Cold wind hit on my face as I opened the heavy door. A completely white world was obscured by thick snowflakes. I hadn’t seen such pure, bright and blue sky ever before. Everything liked unreal. In deep snow, I couldn’t see there was any type of creature was in the snow, how can there be? But when my body leaning forward the handrail. I can faintly found out there was a tiny little white dot was moving in the snow. That was it!!! I shouted out with extremely excitement. I remember polar bear look fierce and strong in photos, however, for now, it looked so helpless and lonely. Doesn’t it feel cold with its bare feet? Maybe it was so hungry, which make it eager to traipsed through the snow to find its preys and forget the cold on its feet.
In the following days, we didn’t see polar bear any more. Instead, we got a chance to land on an island by helicopter which was originally placed in the ship for energy situation and touring. With the heavy wind, we successfully landed! Half of my body was sunk in the snow. Firstly, I thought maybe we are the only person in this island. While we kept walking, my bother tripped over a rock.
“ Hey, guys looked here!”
When we came closer, I found out that there were wooden house buried under the thick snow. People used to live in this island. An avalanche may killed people.
“Look there! There are houses.” My brother screamed.
Our group of people rapidly rushed toward those houses and wanted found out whether there were people still living in it. We looked through the window. Everything looks frazzle and worn-out. The house and furniture seems like went thorough several decade. While everyone was trying to take up a space to look through from the window and door suddenly opened.
“Oh my god!” Everyone got shocked.
What had just happened? A man with long beard and poor clothes came out. We stepped back several steps. The air was full with frightening presence. My voice was trembling.
“Hi…. we we were so sorry interrupt you….we thought there were no one living in here.”
My brother’s hands were shaking when he tightly holding my arms. The man stared at us for a second.
Hahaha he laughed out loudly, “Relaxed friends. We are scientists. We have lived here for five years to do some science investment. So nice to have some visitors.”
“Thank god”! Everyone whispered! We nearly scared to death.
The first adventure was thrill of danger but what I learn from this adventure is that scientists are great. Their bravery were so magnificent. Just imagine a group of people living in this huge lonely island. How can they get food? Aren’t they afraid there will be wildlife during midnight? How can they survive in a place where there were only winter? Don’t they miss their families? There are so many questions fill up my mind. Scientists risk their life for discovery. Their persistence allow them to pursue great thing. Adventure allowed them to explored further and further. That’s what I need to improve myself. Insist my goal and chase after it.
In rest of the days, the ship kept moving toward the north and as we reached the north pole. Everyone were on the deck. People rose up their champagne to celebrated and enjoyed this unique moment. Cheers! Everyone were sink in happiness and joy.
Captain announced “Finally, we get to only destination. At 11 o’clock, we will landed at the North Pole. There will be a barbeque party waiting for you guys!”.
Everyone was energetic and enthusiastic. People held up their hands, sang and danced in a circle.
“Oh my god! My skin was frozen. I felt like there was thousand of needles were stabbing on me.”
While everyone was enjoying their happiness in the pole, I took off my thick and heavy coat reveal my swimming suit. I closed my eyes, counted down in my heart. “ One, two, two point one, tow point five, three. Ready!” I can’t said a word after I jumped into the artic ocean. All I felt was freezing and freezing. Afterward, I got lots of wound on my legs and arms, but everything was worth it. I am so proud of the decision I made. It taught me not be afraid of trying new things. The road of our life is never too smooth; even so, we should hold great courage to face any challenge.

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khans said...
on Aug. 27 2014 at 6:23 am
Really very interesting. Would like to read more on such thrilling adventures. Feels being with the writer, the way he wrote. Impressive!


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