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May 28, 2012
By Abonk BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
Abonk BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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I went to go see a musical that was called "Title of Show" and it was a very strange musical. I had never even heard of this musical before and I have definitely not seen anything like it. It was about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. There was a lot of irony and it was pretty funny for most of the show. I liked how the musical was very witty and creative and the cast was very good. I was impressed by how little cast members there were with only four. The amount of lines they had to memorize is mind blowing. I liked most of the songs but some weren't very good. The singing and acting was much better at the beginning of the musical rather than the thirty minutes or so. The beginning of the musical was funnier and the songs were better. Towards the end, the play got more and more serious and I didn't like that because I didn't seem like that type of musical could even be serious. It just felt cheesy towards the end. But, I really liked how they changed from scene to scene. They dimmed the lights and had a message machine play a voice message while they changed the setting of the play. I thought that was very creative. The seating was very comfortable and the layout of the seating was very well done. Everybody in the seats could see everybody in the play. I thought that there was a hidden meaning for gays rights' because there were many references towards it. I might be wrong, but it was mentioned many times so it definitely seemed like they were trying to tell the viewers something. The piano player was fantastic in the musical. He was the only person playing an instrument during the entire play which made this musical even more unique. Usually, a musical has an entire band or orchestra, but this one only had a piano player which was interesting. If I had to rate this musical from one to ten, I would give it an eight because I thought it was very good but there were many things that they could've improved on. But, "Title of Show" was definitely the strangest musical with the strangest title that I have ever seen.

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I hope people read this and decide whether or not they would see "Title of Show" at the Northlight Theatre

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