My Trip to Florida

May 24, 2012
By JonathanSharot SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
JonathanSharot SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Some people have their favorite places to visit. My favorite place to go is Florida. Florida is full of fun things to do. This last March, I went to Florida to visit my relatives. I’m going to share about my family being there, some fun I had, and my best fishing trip.

I have two side of family, my Mom’s and my Dad’s side. My mom’s side lives in Minnesota, all in one area. For my Dad’s side, it’s a little different. They all started in New York, then they all moved to Florida except my Uncle. We had the choice of either living there or in Minnesota with the rest of my Mom’s family. We picked Minnesota so we could just take vacations to Florida instead.

There are some “must-do’s” in Florida. Going to the beach is one of them. Literally, everyone loves the beach because of all the things to do there includes; fishing, swimming, surfing and building sand castles. Everybody’s heard of the big theme parks like; Universal Studios, Disney World and Animal Kingdom. There are many more but these are my favorites. We did Universal the first day and all I could say was how much fun I had with everybody. My Grandma went on rides, that is how fun it is. Another thing to do is going to the Port St. Lucie County Fair. Fairs in Florida are one word, crazy. I went to a rodeo for my first time. It was epic. I have seen them on television, but never in real life. People were doing everything from; flying off bulls, racing horses, and roping cattle. Florida comes with great experiences.

One of my favorite hobbies is fishing. So, fishing in Florida is like a combo. Both of my favorites! One morning my Dad & I went fishing on a boat with my Grandpa, and my twin cousins. On our way out to the ocean the guide informed us about the “Scorpion fish”. This fish is deadly and is in the top 10 most poisonous fish out there. I thought that was pretty interesting and a little scary. When we started fishing I probably caught the most on the boat. One of the most coolest moments happened in my life, I caught an octopus! I think everybody should try deep-sea fishing. It is wicked.

Family, theme parks, and fishing are the best three things of Florida. Florida is my favorite place to go on vacation. I hope whoever is reading this thinks about these things to do next time they go to Florida.

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